Are You Kidding Me?!


Oh my gosh! What an evening! Being a mum of two really took its toll tonight! So my phrase a few times was "Are you kidding me?!" My post today is all about my children's bedtime!

Children's Bedtime

Potty Training

So we're potty training my toddler at the moment. He's three next week and even though we've been asking if he wants to have a go on the potty for the last year, he always said no. We thought ok, now we'll have to push the issue a bit harder! Obviously there's been a few accidents but on the whole, little man is getting there! My three month old baby girl fell asleep feeding on me so I went to put her in her cot. I thought that's good timing so I can get my toddler's dinner sorted and then bath him.

No sleep

I managed to sort his dinner but then she woke up and so I tried soothing her, using the dummy then rocking her. None of those things worked so I breastfed her again on the bed hoping she'd go back to sleep in cot! But no! I fixed this baby Einstein sealife music thingy to the cot (which we'd bought her for Christmas) to hopefully send her to sleep while I went to check on Tommy. His little face looked guilty and he said 'wee wee", which he'd done in his trousers in highchair! There was a nice big puddle of wee on the floor and seat! Oh God, at least it's nearly the children's bedtime I thought! So I took him upstairs to clean him up. Toriana was crying so I left him to finish off his wee in the potty while I attended to her. After another failed attempt to get her to sleep, I went back into Tommy's bedroom to find him asleep sat on potty, head down on his bed! It did lighten my mood as it was such a funny sight!


Unfortunately I had to wake him for his bath as he had chlorine on him from swimming this morning plus some wee on his legs! I gave him the quickest wash ever as Toriana not happy. I put her on Tommy's bed while Tommy asked for cuddles even though he was still wet as he wouldn't let me dry him! Both of them were crying quite loudly and I was again thinking "are you kidding me?!" Once he was finally dressed, I had to clean his teeth holding Toriana in the other arm, then she was sick all over her babygro and my jumper! Probably had too much breastmilk from trying to feed her to sleep! After a change of clothes I got Tommy in to bed for stories and rocked Toriana looking at the stars lit up on the ceiling from this dream apparatus thing until Tommy fell asleep!

Children's Bedtime

One down, one to go! Back in our bedroom there were three loads of clean washing strewn all over the bed that needed putting away! Not being able to put Toriana down, I put all the clothes away one handed while holding her! Once tidied away, I felt I had actually achieved something this evening!! So again I feed my sleep refusing young lady and this time she stayed asleep when I put her in cot! Yes!! Only to hear her 30 mins later needing help to get back to sleep! Anyway fortunately after getting her back to sleep, the rest of the night went peacefully with no more wake-ups, except for a feed at 5am. But I'm happy with that as Tommy would sometimes wake every 30 minutes when he was a little baby! We're very lucky to to have such a good sleeper now! Anyway I'm worn out! So off to bed for me! Let me know how your evenings go and if you have any tips for me regarding your children's bedtime!

Bye for now, Lisa x p.s

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