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This weekend sees the long-awaited boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor.  Floyd 'Money' Mayweather is an undefeated champion who hasn't had a boxing match in two years, and is 40 years of age.  Conor McGregor is a Mixed-Martial-Arts champion, who is crossing over into boxing for this bout.

Mayweather, the self-proclaimed best ever boxer, may be 40 years of age, but still has incredible boxing skills.  He has the fastest reflexes that I have ever seen in a boxing ring.  McGregor also has incredible skills, evidence of which is proved by the fact that he is the only professional to reign supreme in two different weight divisions in the Mixed Martial Arts arena.

Mayweather has the nickname 'Money' because he has amassed a vast monetary fortune, which he absolutely loves to flaunt.  His array of private jets, multi-million dollar mansions, custom-made cars, extravagant clothing, jewellery, lavish lifestyle and his habit of having stacks of cash which he throws into the air, adhere to the nickname.  McGregor is no choir boy himself.  He has built himself a reputation by causing absolute havoc at press conferences, bad-mouthing his opponents, using extreme profanity and in general being disrepectful, and I must say distasteful.

I understand that all the flamboyance, bad-mouthing, and general disrespect, is aimed at attracting attention to maximise viewing figures, and ultimately maximise revenue.  Which brings me to a point.  Mayweather has amassed an incredible fortune in his boxing career, mainly by promoting his own matches.  His self-promotion I greatly respect, because boxers were and probably still are exploited by unscrupulous managers and promoters, but how much money does a person need?  Two years ago, Mayweather made 300 million dollars from his match with Manny Pacquiao.  Just one boxing match.  To come out of retirement now, which is going to be another big pay-day, is it greed, is it ego, or what?  Probably both!

Whatever the reason, it's going to be an amazing battle of will and skill!

I'm seriously looking forward to watching the contest.  I hope you do too.

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