Coping With Two Under 2!

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Hi Mummies!

Do you find it crazy coping with two under 2?! Is your house upside down, never clean, tidy or in any sort of order?! Do you try and do things one handed because you can't put baby down? Do you have a toddler who wants cuddles when you're feeding the baby? I could go on as I'm sure you could!

If yes, then don't worry, this is completely normal!! When you stare at your living room that you have to walk through kicking toys out of the way with your feet just to get past and look at all the washing up on the kitchen side, don't fret, just think of this quote above!! Stick it up on the wall if need be! It'll make you feel much better!

So these are just a few things that have happened over the past couple of days being a mum with a 2 year old and a 10 week old:

You may have not made a rod for your own back like we did, but our little boy who is 2 & 10 months won't go to sleep by himself so one of us sits with him until he falls alseep! Fortunately these days where he doesn't nap in the day, it doesn't normally take too long! However two nights ago my partner was working in the evening and I had to do bedtime by myself!

Normally it's stressful enough when Toriana is crying while I'm getting Tommy in his nappy and dressed, so I have her on floor next to him rubbing her tummy saying "I'll be with you in a minute lovely!" Then I feed her while reading stories to Tommy & she falls asleep so I have to get him into his sleeping bag one handed! Very tricky with a wriggly toddler, zip and poppers! Then once he's in bed, I sit there hoping Toriana will stay quiet until he goes to sleep!

Two nights ago however, she'd slept for about four hours earlier so she wasn't tired! So I'm there in the dark trying to feed her but she's fussing so I try standing holding her in various positions but she's crying and Tommy's saying "sssh baby"! I eventually say "I need to take baby downstairs Tommy, will you be ok?" But then come the tears and he stands up saying he's coming too! Ok so that didn't work!

Feeling stressed, I decide to take deep breaths and think that won't help the situation so I just keep swaying Toriana managing to keep her quiet until I hear deep breathing. Yes! He's fallen asleep! So we quickly escape the bedroom! Made it!

So any tips welcome for putting toddlers to bed when you've got a newborn and your partner isn't there!

After this I'm in need of chocolate! I've eaten all the Christmas chocolate so all that's left is Tommy's milky bar buttons! I polish off the tube and make a hot chocolate. (It's ok he had like 5 tubes for Christmas so I'm doing him a favour as toddlers shouldn't have that much chocolate anyway!)

Somehow I managed to dip a bit of my hair in something as I realised after I'd washed it (only manage to wash it about every five days!) that it was sticky! Is it bad that I don't even remember this happening?! It may have been when I was in a cafe with friends and toddlers on Monday, which was carnage! We sat in the section cordened off with the playroom but the little tiddlers still liked to run riot around the place! The staff there must dread us coming in and breathe a sigh of relief when we leave!

I'm cuddling Toriana there and Tommy decides to go into meltdown wanting a cuddle too so I hand bubba over to a friend while I give the big baby cuddles! Idea: be around good friends so they can help you out!

Overall I don't really have any tips about how to cope with two under 2! You just get on with it and do the best you can! Lol! Sorry!

Actually I do have one tip! When you feel yourself getting stressed, before you shout or throw something, stop and take a deep breath. Shouting might make you feel better for a second, but then you feel bad afterwards. So if you manage to stop and stay calm you'll be happy you did! Easier said than done I know, but just think children are just being children!

A great book I'm reading at the mo is called 'The Conscious Parent' by Dr Shefali Tsabary which talks about the above in more detail.

Also if you'd like to find out a bit more about what I do as a work from home mum, (when I find a few spare minutes!) just click here and enter your email address.

Please do let me know if you have any tips for coping with two under 2!! Thank you!

Bye for now, Lisa x


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