Do Not Miss The Party!

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I've missed many a party over the years through working late or working weekends.

I used to work on my birthday even if it landed on a Saturday. 

My employers wouldn't give me the day off as my birthday always fell on the busiest sales week of the summer. 

I also needed to be in the store on those days to boost my commission in order to pay the bills.

So what a breath of fresh air it has been this year, working from home and able to go out with the family on my birthday for a long and lovely lunch. No time pressure, just enjoyment.

The most recent family party was my son's third birthday last month.

My wife treats it like a military operation and, as I've been home this year, I was consulted on every last detail. After actually stating an opinion and receiving a look that said, "Why the hell are you disagreeing?", I decided the nod and smile approach was a winner.

The party itself was a huge success with the kids and adults having a great time.

The kids left over-excited from jumping on the bouncy castle, beating a Pinata to smithereens (my wife's Mexican), pinning a tail on a donkey and stuffing themselves full of sugar.

The adults left happy, sunkissed and a few of them slightly inebriated.

The most important part for me was that I missed none of it. Long live working from home.

My £1 Million Challenge is making progress and hopefully on course to meet the first year target of 35% returns on investment.

A dodgy month in July, where I consolidated a few losing investments going nowhere, resulted in only a £214 return. August picked up a little for a return of £1,158.92.

My investments have brought in over 13% returns in the first six months. 

The challenge is very much alive and kicking. I'm enjoying every minute.

Here's to happiness - the key to success!




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