How Do You Write Your Story?

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So school holidays are over and everyone is back at school and they discussing how their holiday was!

Some children had no one to visit, they stayed at home and played in the streets with their neighbors.

Some went on holiday to visit their grandparents and cousins and it was one big happy family.

Some children go on holiday with their parents, every year they go on vacation.

undefinedBack at school..

The teacher asks the children to write a story about how they spent their holiday!

The children who go on vacation have a lot to say because it was fun, it was adventurous, seeing different places and different people.

Getting on a plane to disney land and going to a holiday home which is walking distance to the beach.

They went to a zoo and saw all the big five animals and they have pictures to show as well.

Single parent priorities

So the children get back from school and tell you a single mom what holidays their friends have been on!! They also ask if one day you can take them on that holiday.

As a single mom, your only priority is affording to pay school fees for your children. They must study hard so they can grow up and afford to take themselves on holiday.

School holidays savings

School holidays for you as a single mom gives you a chance to save on food and general house costs and transport to and from school. So you ship them to your parents for their entire holiday.

Thats how you grew up and you turned out just fine, they will be just fine as well!undefined

Besides, your parents teach them about the basics in life which you are too busy to teach. Your life is torn between working hard to afford fees and basic living expenses.

Moms dreams

As a mom you working hard in order to provide your children the best basic education possible. Your reasoning is that good education will help them get better jobs and better lives for themselves!

So they holiday stories from other kids actually inspires you to work even harder but your children must understand that, you cannot afford that kind of life yet.

You as a mom are chasing your own dreams, with a demanding career and studying part time, there is hardly anytime left for travelling.

Cheaper entertainment

Besides they have TV and movies they can watch all they want. They can read books to improve their vocabulary!

You try to ensure your kids understand that not all of us come from the same background, they must appreciate and make the most of what they have now!

One day when they are older they will appreciate the effort you made to put them through good schools!

As a single parent, how do you make sure your children remain balanced and do not feel like they are missing out?

Please share how you deal this situation.

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