How to make your kids drink their greens?

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How to make your kids drink their greens?

It is not a surprise if your child is not keen on vegetables, especially the green bitter ones. Our 3-year-old girl is one of those.

As a Health Coach and health advocate taking care of my family's nutrition has been priority number one. We always eat home unprocessed food, balanced and clean. I have tried masking vegetables on my daughter’s plate and have been successful with some recipes but never with the ones including greens.

Until we introduced her to the world of green smoothies.

Here is how we did it and I encourage you to try these tips and get your kids to drink their greens.

Use sweet fruits to mask the green’s taste

We like to use a combination of banana and apple or pear. Also, only banana works. If your child is a first timer avoid citric tastes like pineapple or berries unless he or she has had them before and you are sure they like them.

Use a power blender

You want to get your green smoothie as smooth as possible. Using a power blender like Vitamix will guarantee that. You don’t want your child to find some pieces of greenies in the smoothie. Especially the first times when he or she is getting used to it.

This is how our green smoothie looks like in our Vitamix!

Use vanilla flavor protein powder

I don’t know about your child but sometimes our girl can be a bit difficult to eat her protein. So, adding some protein powder to the smoothie also helps to increase the protein intake. When you choose a protein powder make sure that it dissolves well. Usually, whey protein is the best option and less powdery.

Make sure it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners like aspartame or Sucralose. Ideally will be sweetened with stevia or other natural sources. And if you want to make sure it is a real clean quality product, I would recommend checking Garden of Life Grass Fed option. And if you prefer a plant-based option that dissolves well go with Vega Clean Protein Powder Vanilla.

Use some good fats to make it smooth

I like to use either avocado or coconut oil in our green smoothie. A great way to include good fats in your kid's nutrition and also to make the smoothie smooth and soft. Neither option won't alter the taste if you are using some sweeter fruits and vanilla protein powder.

Make it fun!

Our daughter loves to get involved in the process of making the smoothie. So, usually, she is there with me putting the ingredients in and turning on the blender.

And then when the smoothie is ready we play together to see who gets the biggest green mustaches and laugh at each other. After some days, she is the one who asks for the smoothie because wants to get the green mustaches. 

Have fun and make your kids drink their greens!

With these tips, you can use any green that you want. I usually go with spinach and kale. They are the richest ones in vitamins and minerals and also quite bitter. But I have found that following the tips above the taste and consistency is perfect for any child's age. And they will love it!

So, there it is! A very easy way to make your kids drink their greens. Give it a go and let me know how it went.

Also, if you need more guidance on how to improve your family’s nutrition and health please contact me and let me know what is your current situation.

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Until next time, enjoy your greens! (with your kids)


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