Life Coach - Nick Struan - Have You Got Ice In Your heart?

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Life Coach Nick Struan Asks;

Have you got Ice In Your heart that only a loves kiss can dissolve?



Is your heart hardened by the realities of life and have you forgotten your dreams?

  • Is  your children a persistent source of irritation?
  • Is your everyday a constant humdrum, colorless and boring?
  • Does Your partner always do annoying things just to spite you?
  • Do you feel isolated and alone, even in the company of other people?
  • Is it hard to maintain a positive outlook on life
  • Are you loosing enthusiasm for your career or employment?
  • Do you often feel the need to be alone or get away for a while?

These are all danger signals that should make very loud bells ringing in your head and warn you of the need for immediate change. These symptoms, and even lessor ones, are a clear indication of stress and make no mistake, stress kills more people every year than all other know sources.

Its subtle effect sneaks up on you and when you notice it, you cast it off as you just being tired or having a bad day. But make no mistake, you cannot avoid its devastating effect no matter what you do.

Some people say, oh I need to get away for a while and head off on extended holidays to faraway place only to find that when they return, the same symptoms returns with an ever increasing force. Why is that, you went away and you did relax, but you took your own "mind" with you!

The aborigines of Australia believes that if their medicine man points a bone ( an animal bone) at them and cast a spell, that they will die.  Some smart guys even tried to escape the spell by travelling overseas, but found that after a period, they took ill and died soon thereafter. There are no escape possible from the power of your own mind.

Most people would rather believe in many other thing, than take responsibility of the fact that "we become what we think about mostly"! Does that mean that what we think about determines the outcome of our future?  Yes it does! 

You say:  "Ha Ha, but I don't think, so there"  Yes but as with the Aborigines you cannot escape the effect. If you are not thinking good thoughts ( sowing good seeds in your minds garden) then by default, just like any piece of soil, weeds (negativity) will grow all by itself.

So if you're not thinking good healthy and happy thoughts, your mind will focus on whatever it can get and that’s really scary.  (TV, Radio, Gossip etc.)

So the question remains, have you got a frozen heart and how do you fix it?

In the now famous movie FROZEN the wounded heart is fixed, not by a lovers kiss, but by

"an act of love". Now there are two kinds of love that we need to look at. 1. The love you feel for yourself and 2. The love you feel for others.

First let's understand that, You are only capable of feeling love for others to the degree that you are feeling love for yourself, wow! Does that mean, what I think it does? That I am not capable of feeling love from other, unless I really love myself? Yes, that is right.

So, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms bullet pointed above, then you need to look at the love you feel for yourself. Most times we believe that we are ok, perhaps, but if you analyze how much you really love yourself, (not in an inflated egotistically way),  but in a sincere admiration for and a deep felt love for yourself you will soon find out how well you are. 

The mind - body connection has never been more supported by science than what it is today.

If you want to test yourself, try this; go to the bathroom mirror and tell yourself how much you really love yourself.  Look into your own eyes and with real feeling tell yourself that you really love yourself, just like you would tell any child of yours!

If you find this exercise difficult or unpleasant, you may find the answer to your problems to be right there. So how do I fix it, you may want to know?  Remember "Acts of love". Start telling yourself every day in the bathroom mirror how much you love yourself and why. "I love myself, because I am such a good mother and I'm a really caring person, etc.…. 

Also start immediate to look for ways to give love to others. You can give love to other by helping them unselfishly with no thought of what's in it for you. Just by giving,  YOU in return will receive and slowly but surely your life will start to have more meaning.

Your relationship will improve and the love for your family or friends will be returned in a measure of which you have never experienced before.  If you reach a stumbling block or you just need to talk to someone, feel free to write to me here; or if you want to read more articles about becoming free in 2017, go here: 

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