Love to Laugh

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I have two very energetic boys and when I say energetic I mean it! Honestly they do not keep still.

Even when there doing their hair, looking at themselves in our stand up mirror they cant keep still, dancing around and moving in some strange rhymatic ways they literally make me laugh out loud!.

One of my sons isn't as vain as the other, but the vain one will stay looking in the mirror for upto fifthteen minutes sometimes, looking at himself and doing Micheal Jackson cross Jacky Chan moves.

You see working from home has its advantages and seeing your kids grow up is priceless. Knowing thier funny little ways and personalities growing.

I often wonder what qualities and characteristics they will get from me!, how much will rub off on them along thier childhood.

All kids are different but knowing what I know as a parent, love is the altermate gain we have, that wonderful bond as a family.

The six figure mentors gave me the opportunity to work from home, enabling me to spend more time with my boys, priceless!

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Going to every play at school seeing thier little faces light up when they have seen me in the audience! 

Nursery and infants years flew by so fast, and before you know it your kids are getting cheeky and growing into young adults.

Making me laugh everyday and asking funny questions like " Mom.. will I still call you Mom when I grow up?" they are so funny.

Its these moments when I feel so grateful to be a parent but also to have a work life at home which makes it possible. I take my boys to school, have plenty of time to do my work and feel fullfilled at the end of the day. 

Being aware and living in the moment ( as kids do) is a focus ive been adopting more the past couple of years, this life we lead is a journey, no need to rush ahead but to take time and enjoy everyday. Meeting up with friends for lunch and treating myself to desert , enjoying each mouthful of chocolate cake and tasting every chew as my taste buds kick in, pure delight of taste!

Each laugh or giggle that I hear from my boys melts my heart, so I can say I live a remarkable life with lots of laughter!

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