My Mum, My Inspiration

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Today the 26th May 2018 would have been my Mum's 63rd Birthday. My Mum died five years ago after a very long battle with breast cancer, which lasted 10 years of her life. She never let it get to her though, she handled each step of the way with dignity and strength, right up to her last hours on earth. She was a true inspiration to me and to many people she came in contact with. She is in fact the reason I am doing what I am doing. She always wanted me (and my brothers) to live a happy and fulfilled life, she wanted me in particular to find a career that I loved - I had always been a bit of flake in that department, I had never known what I wanted to be - to be honest, I still don't really! There is just too much choice out there! I want to do everything! That's partly why affiliate marketing is such a pull for me, I can be an affiliate for all sorts of things, anything that grabs my attention and I can get inspired by. 

A Love for Food

My Mum was an amazing person, she was strong and independent, loving and cared about every living creature. She was an amazing cook, and loved to feed everybody way too much. You would always leave my Mum's house completely stuffed and with a doggy bag. She taught me how to cook and to enjoy good food, which I hope I am passing onto my son too! Christmas's were always an event in her household, Mum would be preparing for months. Her freezer would be stuffed full with homemade mince pies, sausage rolls, stollen and a christmas cake would be sitting on the side beautifully iced and ready for christmas. Her house would be decorated to perfection, she hated tinsel, something she passed onto me, no tinsel ever makes it into my house at Christmas either!


She was the most creative person I have ever known, she loved making things, she made cards, she knitted, she sewed, she did pyrography, drawing, writing, painting...the list is endless, pretty much any craft she tried her hand at and it was always beautiful. We would spend hours and hours together just making things, it was the most precious time we spent together.She nurtured my love for crafting too and when she died I spent hours and hours making things with her sewing machine. My house is packed with things my Mum has made from knitted blankets to teddie bears, to glass vases. They are a constant reminder of her creativity and love. 

Her Wisdom

My Mum was so wise too! I would ask her about anything and everything and she always seemed to have the answer. She taught me so much about who I was and who I could become, and about people and the world around me. I have had to grow so independently since her death, it was the toughest thing when she first died, i would find myself reaching for the phone everytime I had a question and realising she wasn't there to ask any longer - it was particularly hard as my son was only 4 months old at the time, and I had so many parenting questions to ask her. 

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

Her never give up and never let it get you down attitude is what always keeps me motivated. Whenever I am feeling down, wanting to give up, her little voice pops into my head and gives me the motivation to pick myself up, dust myself off and start again. She was one powerhouse woman, if she could throw a tea party to raise money for cancer research just 2 weeks before she died, then I can achieve anything I put my mind too.

A Lesson from Compost

My Mum was an avid gardener too, she was completed facinated by plants. She loved to watch them grow from a tiny seed into a beautiful flower. She particulalry loved growing vegetables, tomates were her favourite. Her conservatory always looked like a greenhouse every summer with all sorts of plants growing on the windowsills. She would get so excited about compost - I know, who wouldn't right? She just loved how she would put veggetable clippings in at the top of the compost heap and compost would come out the bottom. She used to say that it was part of the circle of life and how perfect it was that out of waste comes new life. She would use it as a metaphor for how out of something painful, can spring new life. "Nothing in this life is ever wasted", she'd say "including the vegetable clippings!"

Faith Matters

Her Christian faith was a huge part of her life. Her faith kept her strong through some of the darkest times in her life, of which she had quite a few. She knew with no uncertainty that she was going to heaven when she died and that gave her the bravery to face her death with strength and in part a sense of relief, her pain was now over and she was going to paradise. She helped my faith to grow and she showed me how to trust in the Lord whatever the situation, that all things, even the most painful will be worked out for good. He has never let me down, he has been a crutch whenever I have felt that I would fall, and a companion through the good times. I am so thankful to my Mum for showing me what a relationship with God is like, because without her faith I would not have mine.

Mum Teaching Mum

My Mum showed me what it was to be a Mum, even though I had only been one myself for 4 months when she died, I was able to look back on what my Mum did for me and my brothers when we were children and I was able to model her behaviour. My Mum left a career in nursing that she loved to become a full time Mum when my older brother was born. She was certain that it was the best thing for any child to have their mother around through the early years of their lives. She put her children above all other concerns. Even when she herself was divorced from our Dad, she got a job working as a teaching assistant in the school we went too, so that she could be home with us in the afternoons. This has become very important to me too and is a huge reason that I do what I do, so that I can have the freedom to be at home with my Son in the afternoons and on school holidays. During my childhood my Mum was always there whenever I needed her and I want to do the same for my Son. 

My Mum, My Inspiration

My Mum is my inspiration for so much in my life, she was a wonderful teacher, my best friend and my Mum. She is missed every single day, but I am so so grateful for the precious time that I had with her and all that I learnt and can pass on to my son. 


Happy Birthday Mum, I hope you're having a good one!

Love as always

Naomi xx

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