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Reminder: Our Tech Gadgets, programmes & Apps need updating regularly, But So Do We!

Why Do we see it as vital to maintain current hardware, software & gadgets but not ourselves!

Learning & education about the self is an ongoing purpose of life is it not? Enjoying life is continual updating & renewal. Ebb & flow!

Feeling great amongst Life & other people is a birth right of all. Maintain a conscious awareness of your individuality, your greatness and right to shine. Remain unique, individual, thriving and allow others to do the same. If you are not doing that, learn how!

Read books, watch videos and don't stop until you are up to date about self knowledge, you! 

Quite frankly, I believe Adults should allow transference of teen knowledge to themselves, even insist on being updated by our children.

I had 3 Teens around me, all using facebook, instagram and earlier tech such as my space. I was aware but not clever enough to insist they bring me into the fold with them, and hence, up with the times! If you've got teens in the house, truly get a bit of TLC out of them and take back some loving, seriously, benefit yourself with their sharing of skills. It may be beneficial for all concerned, for both of you!

Research how to be your best self! Turn off the TV & be alive. Use your heart & go for It!

Being current does relate to your spiritual well being & growth, keep this in mind.

Diligently educate yourself to remain aware of your best self Now, so that there is no place for temptation to begin to compare yourself against other people in any way. I recommend Never, Never fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others, plus encourage your kids & teens in this knowledge. Individual. Unique. Is the Lesson all the way, always!

It's a fact that staying relevant in this world of ours is one way of defying Age related Issues. 

As you think, so shall you be. It does not sit well with me to be calling myself :

  • "out of date"
  • "not with the times"
  • or heaven forbid "Old!", Ouch! 

Do you value updating most of your tech gear, software, hardware, antivirus, Inbox, text reminders & mail ?

Don't You Think...Your more important than your Apps & programmes! This update message: It's for You! For me, For all.

undefinedA new version of you! Ever thought about yourself Like that?

Needing an upgrade or update?

Why not?

Are you being your best self?

Get it here, get it Now! My recommendation towards the future you is to audit & rebalance, renew & upgrade. Invest in yourself.

Your Worth IT!

There's one business skill, A life skill, that just keeps on growing in importance to me, so much so that it cannot be ignored any longer. Digital Skills.

I recently stopped being left behind in the digital world. Continue to step into the daily action for forward movement which continues to increase confidence, be up to date & thriving in skill with incremental growth... in my Own time. You too can start Now. Just like I started "Now", which was just a few short months ago! 

Direct your Focus & Realise that You Can... Achieve, learn & do anything with a step by step process that is deliberate and consistent. This is the way to creating momentum in the direction of what is wanted in your Life.

It makes alot of sense to continue to change & grow. I will not be giving up my youth even at my age. I am capable & happy to familiarise myself more each day with focus towards everything I want to learn. There is much!

I have come so far in a few short months.

I am excited to express that the concern I was feeling last year is no longer an issue. Goodbye concern, hello world! I always loved hanging around the brilliant minds of those younger than I. Here I have connection to a community of brilliant people of all ages who share their journey's with me while uplifting each other is the only option available means of communication. This community is fresh air!

Please share and Like this article. We endeavour to help ourselves & others to step into strengths, make the decision to get relevant & get online!

For more Information please click the links on this page to Learn more about the exact Education System I am using. I am a Student & Affiliate of SFM. I Fully endorse the Mindset shifts & Growth towards Entrepreneurship that Touch me Every Day!....

Light It Up, I say, have a great lIfe! Nadine.@vetureoutsidethebox on Facebook.

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