True Leadership

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We are all called to lead, whether it's just ourselves, in our home with our family, in the workplace, in a social group, in a sports team, schools - leadership is needed everywhere.  It is said that the world needs leaders now more than ever before.  Don't take my word for it, just take a look around you - are you inspired by the leaders surrounding you?  In your family, work space, let's take it up a notch, in the local community, in the police force, in the government (pick a country).

True Leadership is learnt.  Very few people are born natural leaders, if any at all.  Being human, people become leaders for reasons of their own, rather than what the world needs.  Feelings of insecurity or inadequacy could be their driving force.  An example of this could be a bully, someone who bullies their way up the ranks, humiliating and belittling people to shoulder their way up.  We all know someone like this and most people steer clear of the conflict.  Hence, the bully goes up the ranks, controlling people around them and stroking the ego of those senior to them.  Political games, corporate politics - so not inspiring!

So how do you learn how to become a True Leader, one who is a contributor rather than a taker, someone who inspires and leads rather than manages and controls?  Work at it: study people; the habits and actions of great leaders; read books, there is a plethora of books out there, one only has to Google the word "Leadership" 

According to the Maxwell Leadership Bible by John C. Maxwell, True Leadership starts when a person:

1.  Perceives a need.  Spots a specific problem

2.  Possesses a Gift.  Has the competence to address the need.

3.  Parades a passion.  Casts vision for a passion to act.

4.  Persuades a people.  Attracts others to join the cause.

5.  Pursues a purpose.  Employs measures to accomplish goals.

For me, a true leader knows how to inspire others - that relates to point 3.  I have found leaders who have met all five points above.  They have ignited in me a passion to pursue my passion, embrace my calling and provided me with an incredible online business opportunity which gives me the means to do all of this. 

And there's more!  This is a way to grow and develop my skill base and to learn about True Leadership so that I can step into my calling and fulfil the purposes laid on my heart - all of which require skills, time and money. 

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