We Don't Have Time to be FREE and RICH

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But we do have time to be busy doing lots but accomplishing a little while all we are doing really is waiting for the weekend, the promise of freedom.

Time to yourself. Ultimate dream. No more commuting, no more sitting in the traffic, no more overloaded public transports, tired and miserable people doing exactly as you do, no more stressful job, too many meetings or too many emails to reply to, or too many meaningless mindless tasks to do today that never finish really, even if you sit in the office all night.

Today is a day like the other, still loads to accomplish today, but in my own time. I work when I am inspired, not when I’m stressed, and I work much better. I work when I have time and not like before, working and never have time. I feel like my day is full of inspiration rather than expiration deadlines. I like my work because it is something I chose to do. I don’t go to work that chose me doing things that are assigned to me.


A while ago it was only a dream. A dream from which this idea of my ideal ‘work for living’ was born.

Running to work every morning after I dropped my daughter to school with a guilty feeling that everybody was there already and I was always late again. Taking my coat off showing sweat marks already, as I have just done my morning exercise. Waking up early making sure all my 3 children are awake too, breakfast, school lunches, everybody on time and … galloping. Like a race horse. That’s how I felt right from the moment I woke up, if I wasn’t awake from the stress before the sun came out and just staring onto the ceiling. And that was only morning, before 9am. Whole day in front of me…So much to be done in that one long tiring day…

When am I supposed to have time for myself? Or am I not anymore?? Well, of course not. I was given this idea, that I need to be busy, busy and again busy, so busy, that I will never have time for my dreams. So busy, I will forget how to dream, actually, I will probably forget my maiden name. I almost started lying to myself, that this is great, life is good, I have a job, that means I belong somewhere. I don’t need to even have my social life, people at work will take care of it. And you know why? It is also their job to make sure I don’t have any time to myself. They invade my brains so much, I will even feel grateful for any dinner they invited me to, for which I will pay myself anyway, but I can hang around my ‘friends’ from office, as I don’t have time to see my real friends anymore anyway, nor they have time to catch up with me over a glass of wine either, they are busy with their ‘life’ too. Too busy, everybody is just far too busy to live.

Something inside of me was telling me this is completely wrong. That I am dreaming, but a bad dream. I knew I would wake up and realise there is another day and another night to dream a better dream. I could never accept that odd ‘reality’ that someone wanted to imply on me as my reality too and as my only choice.

I knew I’ve got to wake up and fast and do something. Anything. This wasn’t going to be my future. Surey there was more to life than that. Surely life was supposed to be lived not only survived. Now there laid too many questions. But those questions opened the world of possibilities for me. Every single question was a good one asking to be answered and I couldn’t go back to my obsolete, bored, tired and unfulfilled self.

It was time to choose between working hard, accomplishing almost nothing, waiting only for the weekend and being always broke anyway, or working even harder, no more weekends, being even more broke than before but with the outlook of the brighter future.

Hard to decide? Well, it wasn’t for me after all I went through. My focus was clear.

You never get anything for nothing. There always is a sacrifice. You can’t skip hard work if you want to become independant. You’ll need to give up one thing if you want to achieve something else, whether it is time, money, comfort or combination of all three. Usually it is all three at the same time. And only if you are willing to pay a price, you will achieve what you set yourself to. You will hit your goals one by one and it will feel liberating.

Nowdays the commodity of internet offers so many tools, modules and mentors to help people start their own path on their destiny, it can get almost overwhelming. Or to choose the best platform for them can be actually very challenging and time consuming. Well, call me lucky, but it wasn’t just luck, it was carefully targeted attention of interest to attract me and connect me with my mentors who helped me and still are supporting me on my journey. A great team of mentors that I now consider friends, as they always find time to help me, when I reach out to them, they always find kind words of support and mentoring, they always find time to organise a get-togethers for brainstorming or just to enjoy life.

It made me re-evaluate my life, re-evaluate my values and mainly re-evaluate my friends list. I am on a mission of purpose now and busy doing what I was always supposed to do.

And if you are still fussing with your busy lives, stop and check the time, the clock is ticking equally for everyone, unless you take the battery out.


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