Math Websites and Resources for Kids

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Math is a crucial skill for everyone to learn. Everything that surrounds us is set up in number patterns. Properly teaching and applying math concepts could make a mathematician out of any kid. Many children don't do well in math only because there is a disconnect between the practical and theoretical.

 Many people believe that math is dry, dull and boring. However, even if you say "I m not good at math" we use math in our everyday life from problem-solving to computations. 

Math can be fun or can be made fun. Following are some resources and websites that will help you and your students make learning math fun. 

1. The Math Worksheet Site

Here you can create an endless supply of printable math worksheets. The intuitive interface gives you the ability to easily customize each worksheet to target the student's specific needs.

2. More math sheets and printables.

3. Homeschool Math 

Loads of printable worksheets.

4. Math Games 

Fun games for computer or mobile device.

5. Khana Academy 

This website offers math video that explains concepts with interactive test and games.


Math games that you can play divided by age and subject.

7. Purple Math 

Algebra lessons that are written with the student in mind. These lessons emphasize the practicalities rather than the technicalities.

8. IXL

Very interactive lessons, keeping the records of your students progress.

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