WFH benefits

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Work From Home Benefits

Could be a lot, and today when I worked from home, just sipping my coffee and working on my computer, I realized that 3 of my horses was out. They had broken the fence to the field and were now totally free. 

If I now had been at an office or so, I hadn´t realized this for about 7 hours later, or if the Police had found them loose somewhere and I had read it on Facebook or something. After 7 hours 3 horses can do a LOT. Trample neighbors newly seeded fields, they could have broken the fence to the other horses so even more had been on the loose, the could run out on the road and caused an accident.

So today, I was really lucky to WFH. I just went out and put them back in another pasture. Easy Peasy! 

A friend that don´t WFH got a call the other day about a child that was ill in school. First very fast check if she could leave work, or had to call another relative in, then finish the thing that she did for the moment, tell colleagues that they had to do some of her work, take the train and car, and get the child. Massive stress! 

I saw the Key to My Dream, WFH. And I took it...


And I am now using it to unlock the door. I am not there totally yet. I can not WFH every day. But today I could, and today it was my lucky day of WFH. 

And my friend, she is now thinking more seriously about her work and her future. 

Next week I also have a WFH-day, but THEN I think I shall be HERE instead. 


A nice cafe, free WIFI and a good cup of coffee! Could it be better?? 

Where do you work? How do you solve when school och daycare phones about your children? Is it easy peasy solved? Or do you have to call out a grandma or grandpa? 

What else benefits are there? 

Well, some have elderly parents that need extra care, one has a dog that doesn't have to be alone many hours, there are visits to doctors, speak to school, and ordinary errands that can be done during a time when not the whole shop is full with people after work. 

There are really a lot of good things about WFH, or as I say, FREEDOM! 

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Bye for now! /Anette
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