Are you tired of just existing & want to get out there & live?

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Good Morning it’s Monday

When you woke up this morning, what was the first thing that you did?

A) Did you pull the duvet back over your head and dread the day/ week ahead!!


B) Did you jump out of bed, feeling great and sang "Oh what a beautiful Morning"!

If you answered B then well done and keep it up, (we will look at how further on) but I can guess that if you have read this far, you answered A.

How I started my day.

I used to hate Mondays, I would think of the long week ahead and the same old drudgery of the working week. Sound familiar?

That dreaded alarm clock, how dare it disturb my sleep, snooze button…….Oh my god we’ve slept in……up in a panic, get dressed,( in the dark in winter), get kids up and get them to get dressed into their school uniforms themselves and end up doing it for them because they’ve got their buttons wrong or some other minor disaster, like a lost tie or shoe. Lots of very sleepy grumpy heads snapping at each other and then everyone wants to use the toilet at the same time!!.

Then its downstairs for the breakfast routine and a similar scene again. I ask “What do you want for breakfast?”, I get a blank stare and no response. I must have the only kids in this planet who don’t like breakfast cereal and we have a press full of them?!?. We get through all that, all picture no sound or the odd snap at each other.

Out the door & the next phase.

We all pile into the car and off to wait for the school bus. It’s terrible to admit, but it is a relief to be by myself at last. At least the drive to work will be quiet…. NOT. Road rage kicks in and every other road user had absolutely no right to be on the road as they don’t know how to drive. Stress levels on the increase again.

I get to work in a bad mood and then have to face whatever shite is heading for me there today…. It is only 9:00 A.M….. The day has only started and probably won’t get any better. Guess what, like a self-defeating prophecy, it doesn’t.

Welcome to the day!!! I’m sure if you have a similar scene in your life, you agree that mornings can be hell and something not to be looked forward to.

Unfortunately, this morning routine becomes a habit and as much as it is despised, it continues, day in and day out. Now why is this, why do we continue to torture ourselves? Again, habit, blame, not taking responsibility, lethargy, or not giving a shit. It is human nature to wait for the other person or situation to change first before we do. It is how we’ve been conditioned.

The Morning though is the most important time of the day, as if you can start your day right, the rest will fall into place. Believe me, it works.

When you can answer B, there is Hope

I work a full time 40 hour week, but also have an Affiliate Marketing business. Since starting my business through Six Figure Mentors/ Digital Experts Academy  & the help of many online motivational gurus my whole routine has changed, as has my mindset, or Meta-story.  


I now get up at 5:30 A.M, "Are you nuts, I hear you say?", Yes & with the help of Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule , I meditate first (I’ve added a link to a great meditation I use by Andy Dooley ). I then work for one hour on my online business and then twice a week I go for a jog. When the family eventually get up, I’m already into my day, and then I sing to them “Oh what a beautiful morning”

It sounds Like Hard Work

Initially yes, and like any change we make, it does take getting used to or into the routine, but believe me I feel far better for it as I feel more in control of my day afterward and, yes there are still the odd morning quarrels, but they don’t leave me grumpy for the rest of the day. Am I not tired? Well to counteract this early start, I also go to bed an hour earlier or at least try to. I can get by on 6 hours sleep anyway, something I was conditioned to by having kids.  

Now if you are still with me on this blog, you might be saying, what has this got to do with the title “Are you tired of just existing & want to get out there & live”? It has everything to do with it, as for anything in life, you have to start somewhere and the morning is the most logical time to start anything new. The trick is to be consistent and keep doing it, as doing anything once off never works. Once I established this new routine, I did start to see a positive change in my thinking, my moods and even my behavior and my belief that things are possible if you put your attention on it does happen.

Be open to opportunities 

Now For me to break the habit, I saw an add on YouTube and signed up for the SFM/DEA programme. Now I’m usually the one who would be the first to hit the skip button as fast as I could, but the Pain of my existence outweighed the fear of the unknown internet. I pushed the button and I guess the rest is history. It is still early days for me yet but it is all about "Learn, Do, Teach" and as my journey progresses, I will be passing on what I learn to you, so keep an eye out for future posts

To Sum Up

Now Affiliate Marketing might not be for everyone, but my suggestion to you is to just watch the 7-day video series by the co-founders, Stuart & Jay, and decide from there. The video series is free, very interesting and will show you, at least, just what opportunities are available online. I'll leave you to decide.

I wish you a happy day and a Monday to look forward to, Take Care.


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