The Golden Egg

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Are you still looking for the golden egg that will solve all your problems in a dream job?

Are you still applying for jobs you believe you deserve but get turned down because bosses are too fussy and picky ?

Do you feel stuck in that boring unfulfilling stressful job making your job whom you dread richer everyday while you have to settle for crumbs at the end of the month. 

Hi my name is Fatma 

Founder of @abundance with family  and author on

A personal development coach who can teach you how to change your mind set and find the golden egg to help you create abundance with your family .

I have spent years of my life thinking the world around me is changing and there is nothing I can do to about it. I was so negative and never thought I had any reponsibility into making the world a better place from my prospective. It has to be done the way others wanted . I mean who am I to even have a mind of my own and think for myself .Was always shut down not out spoken under valued and submissive to other people's opinion in me. From parents to husband to collegues and finally children. Was always in my own cocoon introvert and lacked any self confident. You know what? it felt comfortable for sometime as it was easier to not be responsible and actually be a victim to others' bullying. I was always answering to other people's dreams and requests, always a door mat. But the shock was when people walked away on me when things got better for them. It is like I didnt even exist. Lived and died and that is it, will never be remembered. 

It was an easy option . But since the Driving liscence story - check my Be-Courageous blog . I just started to see things from a completely different prospective. I started to believe in myself, I can do it. I can be in charge and lead my own life instead of answering to other people I only have to answer to myself. If someting feels right to me and I believe it will add value to my life and others I have to do it. By the way that requires hard work and perseverance. not necessarily physical work but mind set work. I had to stop asking people for approval. Definitely not my boss I had to believe that I can do it. If I die trying is better than not. I finally came to a realisation that I am the golden egg I was looking for to solve my problems. and you know what so are you. THE GOLDEN EGG YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS YOU. 

I can be in charge and transform my life style from scarcity to abundance with my family. 

Now the best thing I want to do is be a role model to others. I mean there is not a better feeling than helping those who need my help unstuck them selves and improve the quality of their lives. 

Being in the victim' s shoes is definitely alot easier than being in charge and holding yourself accountable. But you start to succeed all those who doubted you all those who abandoned you will start to show up again. They will want to be part of that success. 

I do love helping people grow to be the best versions of them selves I treasure them sharing their stories with me and trusting me to walk with them in their path. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping a soul get out of a pit hole, breath fresh air and starting the journey towards their dreams. I believe getting people unstuck and teach them how to get the wheel rolling in their lives is the most rewarding thing in the world. The feeling I get is nothing but content. 

The Lord says in the holy book chapter 5 verse 32 

(And who ever saves a life is as though they saved all man kind) 

I mean saving one person is as if I saved all of mankind.  How powerful is that?

There is only one issue here, I can only help who allows me to teach them,who shares their story and allows me to hold their hand and walk that journey with them. Only those who will help themselves can be helped but if you would rather run away and hide in the ground like an ostrich, well, suit yourself. ( no judgement ) It is your life , your choice how to live it. 

My mento JJ says 

Suck it up butter cup

We have work to do. 

You are The Golden Egg. If I can do it so can you. 

Do not look outside yourself , the answer to all your questions is within you. 

Thanks for reading 

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Fatma Zubia 

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