Judith & Kyle Tulloch

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Kyle and Judith are related and live in the United Kingdom; they both enjoy reading, personal development and fitness training.

Judith leads a very busy life as a mother and has a breadth of experience in the education sector as a fully qualified teacher, education consultant, teacher trainer and as a former additional inspector for Ofsted in primary schools. Judith is well aware that once upon a time the word 'redundancy' would not be said in the same sentence as teachers in schools, colleges or higher education; but it is now commonplace, so an exit plan makes sense. Kyle is more technically minded and is an expert in his field, working as a qualified electrician. Kyle works nationwide as an electrical contractor and enjoys the flexibility in his role. However, he would like the freedom of choice to expand his opportunities

We offer educational packages and personal development on a global scale to support individuals who are making a fresh start in life and in business using a proven educational platform and personal development tools.

Kyle and Judith, although from different career backgrounds, decided to join forces and pursue their ambition of working for themselves as entrepreneurs. It is their aim to share their knowledge and skills using an educational online platform that provides information that offers value to those who seek it.

KJ Digitals aim to help as many individuals as possible to review their career choices in pursuit of their own goals and aspirations.

We should always be grateful for what we have; gratitude opens the doors to so many blessings so... what's stopping us from having it all?

"Our wish is for everyone who reaches out to us for help, guidance or training to be successful in their chosen career path."

KJ Digitals is a community-based service that offers educational programmes that allow individuals to renew their goals and aspirations on their own terms with no age barrier.

To your success :)