Ricardo Smart

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Apart from being a microbiologist, I am pursuing a career in online marketing which I believe is awesome. With the entrepreneurial skills of being an online marketer, I would love to inspire others to invest in themselves. I am currently building my dream lifestyle of freedom. A lifestyle where I can live on my own terms. A dream lifestyle which of many will say:
(i) its impossible.
(ii) that will never be.
(iii) be realistic, it wont happen.
(iv) stop dreaming Ricardo.
(v) Ricardo, you crazy.
(vi) freedom? Really, Ricardo?
(vii) those lifestyles are for people who have money.
(viii) that lifestyle isn't made for people like us.
(ix) that lifestyle is for Chief Executive Officer CEOs and Head of Departments (HOD).
(x) only a fool would believe that.

When I was introduced to Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek (co-founders of the SFM), this impossible dream became a reality. All the aforementioned negative statements do not apply to me anymore! All I had to do was signing up and learn how to set up an additional income stream or an online business, which they basically thought me how to do it. After I signed up, they coached, mentored and motivated me throughout the whole amazing experience and journey. All the necessary tools on how to market any type of product or service on the internet are provided. Informative videos with clear instructions are also provided with a mentor who helps and guides you in case you are confused, dont know how to or gets demotivated.

With this product, you can create a balanced and flexible lifestyle of your design. The best investment that they made me do, was to invest in myself.