Luis Einsiedel

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Where do I start?
I'm a 28 year jung male who loves Life and I'm so grateful to be here at the right Place at the right Time.

I grew up in Frankfurt / Germany and at the Age of 9, my Family and I moved to Ireland. I spend my Youth in Ireland in a huge House by the Sea. My Dad was a Fisherman, my Mother a Doctor. As the Years past, the fishing Business didn't go out as planed for my Dad and my Mother moved back to Germany. I guess having steady clients is always positive because, their reliable.

At the Age of 18 we moved back to Germany and we lived in a very old, beautiful, traditional german farm House.
I then spend alot of time travelling, around the country and around Europe.
I now live in Berlin, Germany and I spend my free meeting friends, exchange different languages and live life I guess. If I want to clear my mind I go swimming, wakeboarding, windsurfing snowboarding and I love music.

I work in sales to this time but honestly, i ain't forfilling me. Many people I speak with, ask me why it isn't forfilling. I guess once the spark in your brain clicked, that you acually have your life in your own hands, you can create anything you want. I seek geographic and finacial freedom more then any thing ealse and working your regular 9/5 job isn't helping me create my dream.

What brought me to the Digital Bloogers and to the SFM ( SixFirgureMentors) ?

Well lets put it into a Nutshell, I'm looking for a Solution to solve my dream of being geographically and finacially free. The power to run a Business from a Laptop isn't a dream. It is only a dream for those who dont try it, because never to have tried to run your Business ( Online or Offline ) is failing. Even if you dont see Success it ain't failing, its a learing process.

To quickly wrap this up, two amazing quotes,

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating your self"- George Benard Shaw

"Give the World the best and the best will come back to you"- Madeline Bridges