Lynn Wright

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I have owner/managed my Hospitality based companies under the Fanatix Portfolio brand for the last 20 years.
One may argue, that as a small to medium enterprise, the ownership is actually the other way around:)
It had begun to feel like that right about the time we added the Olympic rings & Michael Jackson to our Events & Catering portfolios. Exhaustion creeps in like a fog in the Hospitality industry and settles deep into your bones. Those events in hindsight, were the tipping points for me and thus began my search for a new and smarter way of doing business.
A journey that targets my deep desire and need for FINANCIAL FREEDOM - enableling me and my tribe to live the lifestyle that makes our hearts sing.

So I lightened up, took a deep breath and put on my EPIC big girl panties.

fasten your seatbelts and let's journey.