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My story is about success, money, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s also a story about failure and disappointment. I have chased success most of my life. I set big goals and worked hard to achieve them.

In my pursuit, I read books, hired mentors and coaches, attended seminars and conferences, invested in real estate and other promises of passive income, and dropped a boatload of money. All in search of more success, more achievement, more recognition, and more money—and all the things it can buy. Until I realized that, despite all the time and money I had invested, I wasn’t happier, I wasn’t fulfilled, I wasn’t richer, and, in fact, I was still seeking more. I was on the hamster wheel of success, with no beginning and no end, just constantly running and trying to keep up.

Briefly, this is the short version of my story. But it’s not only my story. It’s also the story of millions of people, many of them probably a lot like you. You may see some of yourself in my story; if you do, I hope you will be motivated and inspired to create change for yourself, those you care about, and the world.

I believe true self-help comes from finding your own way. While I agree there are always things to learn, we must ultimately look within for the answers. Therefore, my intention with this blog is to help you step back and re-evaluate—and perhaps expand your awareness and help you see things in a new light. Awareness, after all, is the first step toward creating change. I’ve always said my goal was to live a happy, healthy, wealthy life. I recently learned the word “wealthy,” which is derived from the Old English word wela, actually means “well-being.” Well-being isn’t defined by money or success. Wellbeing means leading a rich, satisfying, and happy life.

Sharing life treasures can help others going through similar situations to build their faith and hope and grow stronger and happier too! Life treasures are those experiences that keep us alive and make us feel proud and grateful for ourselves. If we stop to think of the things we have achieved so far, we will astonish ourselves!

Within our life journey we achieve incredible things that once seemed only a dream or impossible to accomplish. We can see our past difficulties as stepping-stones to our current and future successes.

Life is full of wonderful surprises and miracles, beautiful people, love, friendship and joy.

Life treasures and stories of strength, faith, success, hope, dreams, happiness, love and achievement can help bring positive changes to our life and also to others.

Treasure your family, friends, your achievements and yourself!

We are the heroes and experts of our lives!

Best Wishes for a Fulfilling Career or Business,

Maria Mari

P.S1. By the way, I am proud to be Greek-American, first generation (born in USA from Greek parents/immigrants).

P.S2. My full name is Maria Keramari (not Kalamari). LOL! I created my author name as Maria Mari (eliminated the "Kera") because it reminded me of my favorite Italian song, "Maria Mari". I'm a fan of real Napulitan music that was created for Napulitani to enjoy and sing along - not just for the opera singers. Listen to it at
I hope you enjoy it!!! :)