Martha Machado

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It should be easy to talk about me, right??

I mean, who better than myself to know me??

In reality, self-awareness is not as easy as it seems. But I am giving my best here.

What you will discover about me in just some minutes of conversation is how much I am honest and transparent. And after a while knowing me, you will read in my face my emotions. Throughout the years, I have learned that honesty is not an attribute valued by the corporate world, nor it is appreciated by most individuals. Even so, I am to others what I want to receive either from them, or from the universe.

I am a passionate person, reinventing myself everyday. I am passionate to learn about new ideas, meet new people and share amazing experiences. For me, nothing is written in stone, things can change, and so can I, if I want to.

I thrive on self-knowledge, self-awareness and motivation. My biggest passion is learning about the mind and human behavior. In most of my enthusiastic conversations, I am usually talking about some kind of subconscious affect that might had led to the episode in question. For that reason, I am always reading, studying, training or something of the sort about what makes one person succeed in life and other not.

When a friend needs a hand, I am always there. I am a very loving and caring person. My family and my friends are my world. I love them from the bottom of my heart. However, I have been choosing who I spend most of my time with. Because, I need to be aware of my herd. I am the result of the people I surround myself with. Right now, I am in the route for success. And it doesn't need to be lonely to get there and also doesn't need to be painful. On the contrary, ever since I changed my mindset the right people have emerged to guide me to where I want to be.

I am an introvert. However, I am not shy. I have spoken to big audiences and have been in a manager position. Other than that, I love meeting new people and I am always very enthusiastic to know about their story.

Another important aspect of myself is my positive point of view in life. My prerogative is that I do not have problems. What I do have are opportunities to learn something that I haven't faced before. There are some lessons in life that are so hard to learn, that's why we keep facing similar "problems" in life.

Now talking about "problems". I work full time in an office and I am a graduate student for Business Administration. I started working when I was 13 years old and I have been working ever since. It got to a point where I am just tired to work on other people's agenda. I am tired of being bossed around. Even though, I love what I do. I just KNOW, there is more to life than working 8 hours a day for someone else. And I have decided to live a life that is worth living everyday.

The last thing I want to say about me, before I close, because I have already said a lot, is I am a little box full of surprises. Most of the times, I surprise myself with the things I am capable of.

A big hug and a kiss from me to you :)