HOW TO SERIES- Part 1... 10 Tips to Waking Up in an Unconscious World !

 Yes ...we live in an unconscious world! 
        Consider this for one moment.

How many people do you observe who just go about their 'daily grind' as though they are running like mice with blinkers on an endlessly spinning exercise wheel?

Waking Up in an Unconscious World

They give themselves no time or space to stop and observe the madness of it all.

They are under so much stress to pay the bills, feed the family, please the boss and basically keep up with the 'Joneses', that they are oblivious of the 'trap' they are caught in.

'Brainwashed ' from every angle... their life is little more than modern day slavery!

Does this sound like you? 

Well, the good news is ... you can get out of this just have to begin by recognising the trap... once it is 'seen'.... it all starts to collapse

Your perceptions then begin to change. You get more aware, more conscious and start to live more in the present moment. Try these tips...

  • Take 'time out' for yourself.
  • Embrace and welcome is the only thing that is predictable.
  • Go for walks in nature..this will 'ground you' and feel 'whole bodily ' the world around you.
  • Learn some form of meditation to quieten the mind.
  • Expand you feeling body... develop empathy and your connection to all life forms.
  • Start to question and observe what is real and what is just an old programmed response.Past conditioning.
  • Practise 'turning out ' and helping someone or doing something when you get stuck in your mind. Thinking too much will be you sending old limited thoughts and experiences into your reality or world and creating the same scenario.
  • Dream big..envision always what you want to achieve...this is the way you create !
  • Practice being positive... 'glass half full' ! 
  • Practice letting go of the ego...the separate one.

 Contemplate this...

The MIND is about EGO.... and ego is about separation and duality. You and Me, black and white, taking sides! 

On the other hand.......

 LOVE, about UNITY...  feeling our connection to other, to all sentient beings and life forms.....                                                   LOVE is our true essence!...!

Tips to How to Waking up in an Unconscious world

The World is shaking, old structures based on fear and control are crumbling before our eyes.  People are breaking out of the 'illusion of separateness '.....

 People are breaking out of the 'illusion of separateness '..... Unity Consciousness is the battle cry of our youth who have awakened and the 'world bridger' generations who came before them.

Can you feel it? Are you feeling the urgency to change, to break out of your cocoon of society's programming?'re on is your time !

 You are here to grow, to experience life in this precious body, to share your unique gifts and passion and above all to live as Love.

So start now by feeling that possibility 'whole bodily' ... throughout every cell of your being. Meditate on that .. on who you truly are. Feel the passion and urgency in the core of your being. 

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

10 tips to Waking up in an Unconscious World