11 Important Steps When Starting An Online Business

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In this article, I talk about things to consider when starting an online business steps you should know when you think of starting your online business.

So you are about forming an online business and your are newbie in the field. You might think that starting an online business is only host  a website. Start to blog or present your physical or digital products and the rest will solves itself automatically.

 I thought it was that easy when I had my website up and running.

 It’s easy when you know which steps to take. I am here to make it easier for you  to start your successful small online business. I have listed all important steps you need to take for Online Business, and make your online marketing easy up and running.

 These steps have helped me understand and analyze my online business and also have control of what’s working and what is a show stopper.


 Take these steps to form your Online Business?

Website: This is the easiest part of starting an Online Business process. There are many providers to look at. I created and hosted my website within the SFM. SFM also provides education on different kind of Online Business niches.
Google account: Create an account at google.com
 Youtube channel: Create a YouTube Channel if you wish share your knowledge with the world. Click and watch how to create a youtube channel and help your online business grow.
Google Analytics: Create an account in Google Analytics. Go to google, search google analytics, click on google analytics. Login with your google account. This is the most important tool you need later to analyze your website. With Google Analytics you can for example see how many people visit your website. Check out this youtube video to see how to setup your Google analytics account.
 Google Adwords (ADs): If you wish to advertise on Youtube you need to setup a google Adwords account as well. Watch this video to see how to set up a google Ads.
 Google Tag Manager: This tool helps you Tag your website. Here is a youtube video explaining and creating google tag manager.
Now you have all google tools needed, it is time to link all these together with your website. here how to install and link google tag manager with google analytics in wordpress.


 Autoresponder account: Autoresponder is a powerful way to email your subscribers. Inform and turn them to customers. There are several autoresponder providers out there. If you become a member of SFM, the choice of autoresponder will be Aweber.
SEO-Search Engine Optimizer: Search engines use algorithms to rank websites. If the content is valuable according to the algorithms rules, your website will rank high
Your website content must be SEO optimized to be able to rank in a  search engine. Since google is the most powerful search engine, the goal is to rank in google search.
 SEO is crucial for your online business and rank your website. Why pay advertisement if you optimize your website and get visitors. Visitors to your website without paid advertising is called Organic traffic. Read more about about SEO.

 SEO tools:Ubersuggest is a free tool by Neil Patel. It takes your content writing and  content writing ideas to higher level. It helps you analyze your keywords, suggests keywords ideas. This tool is a gift given to your websites performance and success, use it.
 Content writing: If you struggle with your content writing skills, there are some tools you can use to help you out. These tools check your  grammar and spelling. It analyzes the text readability, using of active voice, adverbs and much more.
        Hemingwayapp: Just like hemingway, this tool is my favorite writing editor and it is free.

      GDoc SEO Assistant: This tool will help you create and write a seo friendly content. It also analyzes your content with keywords you use. This tool is a must if you wish better marketing your online business.

       Answer the public: Insert your keywords in the search bar and a mind map of a pro level writing questions pop up. Here you get many ways to think and organize your content. This is a next level of creating a content for your website and marketing strategy.

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