Awaken...It's Time.

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We are at the bottom of the world's value scale. Us. Human Beings. Somewhere down the ladder of values close to that of trash and vermin. Disposable. Invaluable. Replaceable. Disagree? Ok, let's take a look.

Pick a topic. Any topic. Economics. Work. Child Slavery. Genocide. Sex Slavery. Wars. Mutilations. Homelessness. Starvation. Suppression of Women. Refugee Crisis. Human trafficking. Bombings. Shootings. Shall we continue?

"Oh, but that's somewhere else! That's in the past. It's the minority." Is it?


I find it interesting how we distance ourselves from the true state of our world. The true state of ourselves. Only a very small percentage of the world's population can sit and be at complete ease within themselves. No matter what is happening around them. A few percent at peace. Peace being the minimum benchmark. The rest of us are in some kind of inner turmoil. Operating compulsively, on auto pilot in a mad manic state to get somewhere.

And from this state we create our world.

From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. Compulsively doing what we think we need to in order to survive in this world. Ask yourself, when you wake up in the morning are you well rested?


Exuberantly jumping out of bed, looking foward to the day ahead? Are you in a state of ease and contentment throughout your day? Completely enjoying your own space? Your children, partner, and friends? For no reason at all? Happy to be alive? Smiling at the world? Or are you rushed? Feeling like you need to get somewhere fast? Hurriedly brushing your teeth, eating on the go? Running to make the bus, train to work? Stepping over people along the way?

But what does this have to do with the state of the world? And the value of Human Beings?Everything! Your state is the collective reflection of the world!

Our collective consciousness is the world!

It is the pure reflection of the state of Humanity. You've heard it before…We are One. One Energy. One Vibration.

Which means that all the shit in the world that we ignore, and want to go away and die, is us! And Denying it doesn't make it go away. The Latte drinking, Bar trending trivia nights won't make it go away. Buying expensive clothes, accessories, handbags or the latest I Phone doesn't work either. Nor does Living in the newest pet-friendly trendy suburb.

We are in a mess. The Human species. The state of the world tells us that. And It's time to awaken!


It's time to be brave and make the conscious effort to evolve. It's time to explore our forgotten deep dark crevices that lay deep within our own psyche. It's time that we discovered who we truly are. It's time to operate from a different foundation. One that is pillared from our highest selves. Because the current model isn't working!

Is It?

We are destroying the planet. Generations of Human Beings surpassing each other in refugee camps. Refugee camps! The majority of the world is in some kind of war or dispute. Basic levels of Human hygiene are not existent in parts of the world. Men, Women, and Children starving to death while tons of food is thrown away daily.


Global Warming. Irreversible damage to our rivers, ocean, and wildlife. The selfish, isolated mode of survival that we operate from collectively needs an upgrade. And we must acknowledge our part in it. We must see that we are a part of the whole. We must see that we directly contribute to the global state of the world.

We must awaken.

And we must not stop until we come out the other side where contentment and ease within our own body and mind are our default modus operandi. We have to stop waiting for the United Nations, or a Saving Grace to magically appear from the heavens and solve everything.

Current Institutions and World Organisations are not working! Otherwise, we would be living in a different world. Wouldn’t we!

Wouldn't we?

The world will not change by finger pointing, blaming or disassociation. It will change because of us. It will change when we change. We have to stop waiting and start taking responsibility. Now!

Think about the times when you were truly happy, content, smiling for no reason at all, just simply because you felt good inside. Were there any thoughts of conflict within you? Frustration or anger? Did any thoughts of harming another arise within you? Any ill feelings whatsoever?


Love and hate cannot exist simultaneously. It's impossible!

Now, let's take this idea and imagine all the people on the planet operating from this state.


Completely happy to be alive. Can you imagine the state of this world? Could you imagine anyone harming another? Thinking ill feelings toward another? Absolutely not!

We would smile at each other! Acknowledge each other for the soul that we are. Human Well Being would be our Highest Value. First! Before money, I phones, Laptops, Tablets, Material Possessions, Technology, Cars Gadgets, Clothes, Everything!

Now imagine bringing that value to work, financial institutions, construction, business, the planet. Your employers highest value is you. And yours is your employer. Could you see how everything would change? You would treat each other with the utmost importance. Do you think from this space that we would feel cared for? Loved, Valued? Do you think that from this state we could possibly allow Anyone to be Homeless? Alone? Isolated? Hungry? Abused?

Do you think that we could possibly harm the planet from this state?

No! Absolutely not!

We will stop wasting time on insignificant manic things that keep us locked, imprisoned and isolated. We will unite. Unite through our own Awakening. And through Awakening, we will create a New World.


The world where people acknowledge each other.

The world where people give each other time and presence.

The world where children happily play unattended in our front yards and streets.

The world where people stop and talk to each other.

The world where Neighbours congregate at the front of the street. Sharing, laughing together.

The world where streets are filled with color, vibrancy, art, music, and dance.

This is my Vision.

This is the World I want to live in.

But it will not happen while we dissociate and separate ourselves from each other and the world. It will not happen if we continue to be spectators, judging from the sidelines of our couch. It will not happen as we are. It will happen when we take personal responsibility for everything. It will happen when we place each other first before everything!

Awakening is what the world needs most right now.

Operating from a higher level of understanding within ourselves.


This is my Dream.

And my wish is that you join me.

- Sotir Ivanovski  

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