How Technology Is Changing The Way We Learn

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So the saying goes there are but two certainties in life, death and taxes and I would add another certainty to this list and that is change. 

Particularly in our current era, if one thing is certain in life it’s change.  Gone are the days when we could go through life with a degree of certainty about how life will be in the future because technology is tranforming how we live.  

No area of society is immune to these changes and in this post I want to discuss the changing face of education, focusing on how technology and mindset shifts are transforming the way we learn. 

The technological and economic changes of our day are making the traditional educational model increasingly obsolete and irrelevant.  Across the globe new approaches to teaching and learning are taking hold. 

New Approches to Teaching and Learning 

From the new kaleidoscope of schools that are now publically funded in the UK.  These include Steiner and bilingual schools along with those that are linked to industry and focused on vocational training.  To the new teaching models in the US such as HipHopEd, education delivery is changing to adapt with the times. 

undefinedWhile in the tertiary and secondary education space it is online learning that is transforming the delivery of course material and the manner in which we learn.  Universities now offer degrees that are entirely online.  And the world’s first intercontinental, online Ivy League inspired university, Project Minerva was established in 2011.

In 2013 Harvard University and MIT released their first collaborative not-for-profit online learning project edX, making quality educational content accessible to all. 

In my home country of Australia, the Australian National University and the University of Queensland have joined this movement by providing courses to be studied online for free.   

New Non-traditional Forms of Education 

When it comes to short courses we now have a plethora of options available to us.  Online platforms such as Coursera and Udemy now offer a short course to satisfy almost any need or desire. undefined

Others, such as the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and the Digital Business Lounge (DBL) have adopted an entirely new and innovative approach to learning. 

Established by intrapreneurs (internet entrepreneurs) Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, the SFM and DBL are focused on providing students with the skills and knowledge so that they can escape the employee model and find financial indpendence by workign online and for themselves. 

This is contrary to the traditional model of education which provides individuals with an education in order to increase the likelihood of them being able to obtain a higher paying job. 

Their education programs teach students about the booming online economy and provide them with digital and online business and marketing skills so that they can leverage the opportunities that exist within the online economy. 

There are two factors that set SFM and DBL apart from the crowd, the first being that they incorporate principles from the personal development space into their course curriculum.

This is done with the purpose of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in the minds of students, encouraging them to think outside (the traditional way of doing things box) and empower them to believe in themselves.  They thus cultivate a positive approach to learning that aims to enhance the psychological wellbeing of students. 

The second is that they provide students with the opportunity to ‘earn while they learn’ via the affiliate marketing model.  This model allows students to put their digital busines and online marketing skills to work by marketing the educational services and products offered by SFM and DBL and draw a commission on all sales made.  Thus, students become the business partners of SFM and DBL while they are enrolled and learning. 

Whichever option you choose, one thing is certain and that is that technology is change how and what we learn! 

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