Robots, Unemployment and Making Money Online: A Way to Regain Control Over Your Future in an Uncertain World

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So I'm sure you've heard the news, robots will be taking over more and more of the jobs us humans do for a living.  In fact, it is predicted that “every commercial sector” will be affected by robotic automation within the next several years and that in the US, in the construction industry alone, 500,000 jobs will be lost to robots by 2020.  Furthermore, for every new job created “seven more will be eliminated”, resulting in job losses outpacing job growth.   

In this article I will be discussing the rapid technological and economic changes of our day.  I will explore the idea of work and how the notion of working and earning a living is changing and introduce you to alternative ways of learning, upskilling and making a living so that you can leverage the advantages presented by current and future technological and economic changes to gain control over your future in this rapidly changing world.

For Humans It's Less Secure Forms of Work

According to the experts, we are entering an era of rapid social and economic change similar to that of the industrial revolution.  The forces propelling this change are technology and that is robotics to be more precise. 

If the above predications are correct, the job losses brought on by robotics will outpace job growth resulting in higher unemployment.  Not only will unemployment rise but, if current trends persist, a considerable proportion of the jobs that will be created are likely to be casual or part time.

In my own country of Australia, 35% of the workforce is now employed on either a casual basis or as non-permanent contractors.  While there are benefits to such forms of employment, such as flexibility, there is limited job and security and income often varies from week-to-week, making it at times difficult to meet regular financial commitments. 

Furthermore in the US, since the GFC of 2008, the new jobs that have been created to replace those that were lost during the recession pay on average 23% less than before.

Whether we like it or not, the nature of work is changing and the idea that obtaining a comfortable middle class life is achieved by getting a ‘good job’ and ‘working hard’ is becoming less and less relevant every day.  

The jobs for achieving this standard of living either aren’t there and where they do exist we are working harder and longer hours than ever before.  We are therefore often too tired and exhausted to enjoy the benefits of a middle class life.   


An Uncertain World 

There can be no denying that we live in an uncertain world, where to quote Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changing.  Change is of course multifaceted and brings about both positive and negative outcomes. 

Robots will replace a lot of the repetitive, labour intensive tasks completed by humans, for example a robotic bricklayer is able to lay the same amount of bricks in an hour that two humans would normally finish in a day. 

Stacking shelves at supermarkets and other forms of inventory management are another example.  Like automation during the industrial revolution, machinery will increase productivity and release humans to perform other, more specialised jobs. 

The question is of course, what will these jobs look like and what will those who have lost their jobs to robots do?  Where will they work?   Will there ever be enough jobs created to employ these people?  

The answer to these questions are at present unknown, however what is certain is that as a society we will have to adapt in order to accomodate and survive these changes.  As such, solutions to these problems will require broad, targeted and intelligent responses of a social, economic and political nature. 

So these are the challenges we face as a society moving forward.  They are complex problems that require complex solutions. 

However, at an individual level you can take action to gain control over your future by ensuring that you are able to take advantage of current and emerging opportunities. You can equip yourself with the digital skills of the future and position yourself to take advantage of the booming online economy

The Online Economy, New Forms of Learning and The Opportunities They Both Present

As I’m sure you are aware, traditional forms of education no longer guarantee a prosperous future.  Therefore you have to begin to think outside the (traditional way of doing things) box and seek solutions to the problem of financial security outside of the current paradigm that presupposes job security and a lifetime of employment.  

Opportunities that provide financial security do exist and can be found within this emerging and everchaning, yet firmly established sector of the economy - the online economy. 


Cutting edge educational providers that teach digital, business and online marketing skills such as the Six Figure Mentors and thier Digital Experts Academy take an innovative approach to education, adopting an ‘earn as you learn’ philosophy. 

This means that not only are you equipping yourself with the skills of the future but you are provided with the opportunity to put those skills to work, earning while you learn. 

It’s ingenious!  You are not required to take on thousands of dollars in debt in order to get a qualification then find it difficult if not impossible to obtain work in your aread of study due to a ‘lack of experience’. 

Furthermore it’s ideal for those of us, including myself who wish to retrain and gain practical skills that, combined with commitment and hard work, will ensure financial security well into the future.  This is the kind of work that you can do well into your retirement years and it takes the worry out of being able to survive during these 'golden years'.

For me, the ultimate benefit of learning in this way is that it provides me with the opportunity to become financially independent.  This will take commitment on my part, but with dedication and hard work it is possible that in the not too distant future I will no longer be dependent on an employer for my survival.  

Yes, that’s right, I will have the ability to work independently, at home or from anywhere with an internet connection because all the work that I do is online.  I’m at the beginning of this journey but there is nothing more empowering than knowing that one day in the near future I will have the time freedom and financial independence to live life on my terms. 

So, if you are like me and desire to gain control over your future and the direction your life is headed, click here to find out more about the life changing educational programs and income opportunities provided by the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy.  

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