A Better Life - A Reality

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More Swedes are leaving Sweden then ever before. A wish to live in the sun, have a more relaxed lifestyle and enjoy life. Now it´s a reality. It´s also possible to have an income, without any special skills or experiences to start with. I promise.  

New all time high

More then a hundred years ago people were leaving Sweden to emigrate to America, mostly because of bad harvest and hunger. At the most it was 50.000 per year leaving Sweden. 

Now the record is 56.000 people leaving Sweden , an all time high in 2015. The reasons are different, now we are ' searching for a warmer climate and a nice lifestyle.

>  Spain and Thailand are showing new all time high in 2015.

>  Nordic countries, UK and USA are still interesting countries for Swedes to move too.

>  Malta, Portugal are upcoming countries being popular to move to.

The opening in being able to be included in the health insurance system and also benifits in the taxsystem, has made it easier to make the decision to move. The biggest group are the retired people, but representatives are in all categories. 

My reflection

When I think of this, it is a change. In the last 6 months I have heard of a hand full of families packing up their things and moving to the sun, to a healier life. A life with less stress, more joy and togetherness.

Not bound to a geographical place

The thing with our time is that you don´t have to be retired to move. If you work online you can take your work with you. Not being bound to a geographical place for your income. When you think of working online you might get the idea that you have to have a lot of experience and skills. You don´t. I promise.

I like you to check out SFM training and coaching. You can now check it out for FREE for 30 days. You have absolutely nothing to loose. Maybe you can move to the sun like so many others. With an income you can live a laptop lifestyle in the sun.  

Until we connect again. Take care


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