Amazon investing in Sweden !

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Facebook and Google have already made a decision to invest in Sweden. Now Amazon made the same decision. The IT companies interest in Sweden is the result of a deliberate work to attract international companies.

Facebook and Google Invest in Sweden

More and more international IT companies are investing in Sweden. I have earlier written a blogpost about Facebook and Google investing in computer halls in Sweden. Now it´s time for Amazon to invest in Sweden.

Amazon Investing in Sweden

The good news that Amazon is going to invest in a computer center in Sweden came yesterday. The three towns involved in Sweden will be one of totally 16 regions in the world with maximum speed for cloud customers. This investment from Amazon is the 5th in Europe and the 1st in Sweden. 

One of the main reasons for the decision were the power supply and the supply of well educated personal that will serve in these computer centers with customers around the world 24/7.

Sweden a digital predecessor

In a comment from the government it is said that it is an elaborated move to make Sweden a digital predecessor and that the computer centers have the potential to be a new primary industry in Sweden. Some of the advantages for Sweden, are ;

- a reliable power supply and a high leval of renewable energy.

- Sweden is a digitalised country with good broadband reaching a high procentage of the population

- the start up sector is exciting and well structured

- the traditional industry has a demand of good digital intrastructur

- supply of well educated people, ready to work in these companies

The work is on going to see more international IT companies invest in Sweden. More jobs will come to Sweden after decades, when companies relocating abroad. We have found a niche that have open the doors to the world. You are welcome here !

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