Be kinder to yourself

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Be kinder to yourself. Others are not as critical to you,  as you are to yourself. Celebrate you and your life. 

Inspirering post caught my eye

Yesterday I came across a post on Facebook that amazed me. It was a forenstic artist sketching a picture based on what the person in question told him. Then another person told him about the features about the person in question. The result was clear. We are usually more critical when we talk about ourselves and our apperance. 

Be kinder to yourself

So keep your critical mind in check and be kinder to yourself. You are perfect just the way you are. All your freckles and wrinkles are there to show your character. You have got experience from life. Be proud of them. All the hard times, the difficult decisions, the lonely times and the sad one´s. You have gone through them and hold out. You have laughed your way through the good times and loved deeply and been on a wave that took you to another shore, just because you are the way you are. 

Today and forward

Let´s celebrate today and forward, life in general and your´s especially. Because you have the leading role in your life and you are here right now. You don´t have to be someone else. You are You.

Take a moment an watch this video that inspired me. Be kind to yourself, others are. Way should not you be kind to yourself ?

Until we connect again, take care Mikaela 

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