Collaboration wins in the long run

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No one can win alone. Sometimes along the run, collaboration wins and 1+1 equals 3. It´s the way it is between people, in business and even between nations.

Two sides unite

I watched the news and saw a news correspondent talking about the situation in Cyprus. For years and years the island has been divided between Greece and Turkey. People have been brought up to hate the other side. Now a dance group has come together and are training as one group, with participants from both sides. One of the dancers said " it´s all about connections, to get to know people on the other side"

Is it not amazing how one small step can have a great influence on the outcome. Now there is hope to make peace in Cyprus. Even if the chance is small because of outside forces not wanting to have peace talks. But the people in Cyprus are willing and the effort to collaborate towards something good for both parties are coming from the roots and within.

Collaborations within an organization

I remember once when I worked in a company and it merged with another company. In many cases the workforce will join in the merge but not the managment. That was the case in this situation. The smaller company had had a strong image and brand and they were loyal to their managers and their old brand. Eventually the staff left and new were recruited, maybe that was the solution in our case. New fresh inpulses, new thoughts. As in the case of Cyprus!

If you have a difficult situation, try to find a new angle, new fresh throughts or break it off to something totally different. But I am convinced that collaborations will win in the long run.

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