Core values in practise

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It´s Monday and a new week. But thinks are difference. Last Friday, just 3 days ago Sweden had it´s first terrorattac in the country. First it seemed totally wrong to write about this on my blog. But the reactions make it impossible to pass on. This is core values in practise.

What happened?

Friday the 7th of April a truck drove rapidly on a street for pedestrians, wounded many and killed 4 people. People run for their lifes. The truck drove into a building and thankfully it ended there. The truck was stolen some blocks away while the chauffeur was going to unload. Inside the truck, a bomb was found that had not exploded.

The police, firedepartment and the ambulance personal were at the scene very quickly and a huge investigation started quickly. A few hours after, a man was arrested. The investigation is still ongoing to connect all the dots in the puzzle layed out by the police.

Under the hashtag, #openstockholm, people started to give people help with a ride or they even opened up their homes for strangers who could not get home since the train and subway were closed.

On Saturday people started to visit the place were it all happened and left flowers and tried to understand the situation. Also police cars at the scene were covered with flowers from people appreciating the effort in the chaos. 

On Sunday the Priminister and the King of Sweden both had a speak to the public. There was also a public manifestation and a silent minute. On Monday there was a national official cermony and a silent minute with recognition of the personal at the scene, risking their lives for the safety of others.

Core values in practise

When horror is close by and the reaction is love and compassion, then the reaction says all about the things you value. In this case an open and free society. A determination among the public that our values will succeed over terror and fear.

It is also an appreciation for the courage and determin action individuals showed and a strong beleif that we are strong together and will prevail the terror. 

In Your Life- What Are Your Core Values?

Yes, what are your core values? Values you can not step aside from. Knowing that those make life a bit easier, make them so valuable. Because when you are confronted with a choice, it´s a simple task to make the decsion if the decsion comes from your core values.

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With love and warmth I leave you now, until next time we connect, take care Mikaela 

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