Computer chip under your skin ?

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Computer chip under your skin, it sounds a bit alien to me. But what if it´s a technical reality right now? And definetly in the future. I know, I think it´s creeepy too. But let me give you two examples to explain my point.

Computer chip to control doping

 I couple of years ago a science team in Lausanne, Switzerland could present a computer chip that woul dbe operated in under the skin on athletes to check the doping. The chip would be powered up by a tablet outside the body and via a smartphone to a computer sending information about the blood value 24/7.

The antidoping committee thought it would be under every athletes skin within 10 years. This was 5 years ago. We are moving closer to a common use in this area.

Computer chip as a ticket

During last month a traincompany in the south of Sweden introduced a computerchip that is operated in, under your skin between the thumb and forefinger. It will replace the trainticket. For the moment the company believe this is more for the early adopters

A bunch of creditcards - will soon turn into a bunch of chips?

I am very much in favour of the digital development. But even so it´s possible to have a critical mindset and ask why? When we moved away from the cashsociety our wallets replaced the bills and coins with a plastic card. And all of a sudden there where many plastic cards. Even new products were designed to only have cards. The place for coins were deleted. The development had created new demands.

So what can happed now? The traincompany takes care of my ticket through a chip under my skin. What about the foodstore or the favourite caféshop. Will they all offer me a computership somewhere under my skin. Do I have to power them up? Just as I´m powering up my smartphone, maybe I , myself have to be powered up. Then there is a supervision side of it too.

Cameras in society are with us, smartphones are giving out information about our location, just as phones and internet can tell with whom we are communicating. The development is ongoing. The technology is here. Find an angle from which you can embrace the development. Computer chips might not be the right one.

Until we connect the next time, Take care - Mikaela 

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