Destiny Purpose: finding Technology Tools: work from home

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It all began one Sunday morning, July 12, 2015.

I was living in an intentional community in Arizona, USA, which was about half my life (2001-2015).

That was the morning it all began. It was time to leave.

Even though I had made a “vow” to be there for the rest of my life, like all the community members, my destiny and purpose there was finished. A training I needed to experience which was to grow me for the future chapters in my life.

The only thing I lacked was the knowledge on technology tools.

Now, for you to follow your destiny and purpose in life, you need to get out of the status quo. Even if it means leaving a community or work you’ve been doing most of your life, which will create havoc for many. Leave.

With guidance from the universe or God (if you are a believer), you will be guided as I was.

Settling back into Technology Tools

Coming back into society took me for a spin.

I thought I would never be back in Denver again. It was hard for me to process because I had been stuck in my own idea of what my destiny was supposed to be. Including the environment, they thought the same.

Since the universe and God were guiding me, I kept my eyes and ears open for the next “assignment”. Till then, I was taking in the idea of already knowing I would return to Colorado once my training in Arizona was complete. Now that I am here, it’s even more strange to think that I had forgotten about it.

Thank God the Angels reminded me!

I started searching online to see what jobs were available. I wasn’t sure what was out there, not even the idea on doing work from home. I was only intrigued by the technology tools. Of course, the internet was filled with information that I also started looking into colleges: photography, painting, filming, counseling, etc.

Again, something did not feel right.

Obviously, the internet world lost my reason and purpose for going to it. Like anyone who starts getting desperate for work, especially if you don’t know how the traps are set up, the following year I ran into a scam.

“It’s not our fault you clicked on our website,” the man said. He was right. Naïve as I was, I couldn’t get upset at him but myself. But yes, the next morning I did call my bank to help me fix my account.

Thanks to me, a whole day was wasted, as I needed to write a huge report for my bank to prevent others running into the site.

After that, I relaxed to allow the universe and God guide me. For anyone who dives into spirituality, yup, that was my lesson: Let Go and Let God. Once our agenda gets out of the way, life can step in and take its course.

Stepping into Work from Home, through Technology Tools

I continued to self-educate myself about the web through some tutorial videos, which helped me dive deeper on the etiquette of technology tools. I was blown away how much I was learning in one week that I told my husband I can’t imagine leaving this work.

Because he also does work from home, he understood where I was coming from. “With what you’re working on,” he said, “I see there’s a lot of value to what you’re learning.” Yes, I can finally learn something even for five minutes. There’s value in it.

Sure, there are a lot of other sites online I could learn from. But being able to work from home and connect with other like-minded individuals who are on the same path as I am also allows me to be vulnerable and transparent.

I can now relax and see that I have both of two worlds. I am aligned in my destiny and purpose. I can relax while I am doing my studies in college, work at home, and give attention to what needs doing at home.

Like a cocoon that turns into a butterfly, the values in my work, school, and at home have tripled my idea what it means to live what I love. I know one day, without a doubt, that my finances will provide enough for projects to come.

That of course, is another story.

Please, let me know what you think about this story. Feedback is always great to have so I can better assist you. PLUS, I would love to get to know you!

Talk to you soon,

//Neriza Bevis

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