Digital mailbox will out do the snailmail

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More and more people in Sweden are connected to a specific digital mailbox. Maybe you say - "So everything is digital even mail." Yes you are right, but it´s more to it.

The amount of subscribers have exploded and it´s very popular. This mailbox is for the moment built up for the official organizations sending out mail to the citizens. Usually they send official documents by snaillmail but more and more it´s digital.

The snailmail organizations

One of the organizations and the biggest one, delivering snailmail, is partly owned by the government. It has for awhile now been run with economic loss. Attempts have been made to get more into packages especially from the e-commerce. And yes it has grown and they are now a player together with others trying to deliver what you by online. But the main source, snailmail has been reduced to just above a fraction.

Is the government putting a nail in the coffer?

Since the private mail has been reduced, it´s the official mail that is keeping the mailman going (and the packages). Now the government is welcoming the official organizations to send digital mail. Meaning even less snailmail for the mailman. What will happen to the traditional mailman and the company he is working for. Well, the landscape is changing and rapidly.

What about your workplace? Digital changes around the corner?

Look out for yourself. Do not rely on that the digital change not will affect you or your workplace. It will affect all of us. Be prepared and get the skills you need. If you like more information click below on "FREE ONLINE BUSINESS START UP BUNDLE"

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