Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo should not be trusted

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I have formally challenged Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo of the Fountain Valley Medical Centre in Happy Valley South Australia to submit himself to a lie detector test.  On the 9th December 2019 Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo provided a statement to the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (HCSCC) that I am alleging is false in regards to the consult we had on Friday the 11th of October 2019 at 10.30am.  On the 11th of October I had an appointment with Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo and during his consult he did not examine me in any way whatsoever and actually laughed at my request for an ultrasound of my leg stating,  “A scan would be a waste of Medicare money”.  Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo’s statement to the HCSCC is completely different to what actually happened and he goes as far as to say that he thoroughly examined me.  As a matter of fact his statement is so completely different to my statement that the HCSCC have decided they cannot tell who is telling the truth and as a result Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo’s lies have allowed him to escape disciplinary action.  So in order to show the HCSCC and the public that my statement is the complete truth and that Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo’s statement is a complete fabrication I have challenged Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo to submit himself to a lie detector test along with me to show who is telling the truth.  I went as far as to offer him or the medical research recipient of his choice the amount of $10,000 if he passes the lie detector test and I fail it.  To date Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo has refused to accept because in my opinion he knows he has lied and will fail the test. In the meantime I do not recommend the services of Dr. Simon Onyeizugbo to anyone, in my opinion he is a completely unprofessional medical practitioner who has the potential to harm someone with a misdiagnosis and will also provide false statements to authorities when challenged to protect himself. 

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