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With all the strange terrorist activity going on, we truly must enjoy the beautiful gift of life we have been given & be grateful to be alive.

Many innocent lives are being swept away in an instant by anger induced people. To activate crimes such as purposely running into people, that sick person has to have more to their story. Angry people do angry things to others.

What ever provokes such behaviour we may never know. Often experiences in upbringing instill such hate, the only way they know how to express themselves is with more hate & anger.

We were brought up in the church, as were our children. We did learn that LOVE is the answer for most problems. We learned some things that were not factual also,  but I still believe "LOVE" is the answer.

As we get older we think we are closer to death's door than the younger generations but I lost a niece at 6 years old from a car accident. She was hit "boom" and was dead immediatley.

I remember my Mom thinking it should have been her that died instead of my niece as she had lived  a good life already. We never know when our time will come so let's live it up today & plan to be here to enjoy tomorrow.

The young Canadian girl walking on the London bridge with her fiance, certainly was not expecting an angry driver to attack her while walking the bridge.

She had a passion for helping the needy in her charitable work.

Her parents could have been angry & revengeful. Thankfully they are exceptional human beings understanding in life it's not what happens but how we react to  it.  We must be bigger than the situation.

Her parents used this terrible accident as an opportunity to do the right thing.

They requested people to give to the charity of their choice saying,  "Christy sent me".

Christy's passion was to help the under priviledged.

It is so uplifting to know there are people in the world like Christy's parents who have taught us  to do the right thing.  Could you find it in your heart?

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