Escape the Average Lifestyle

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What does it mean having an average lifestyle? Well, actually this question should be asked often within the space we live in and it seems like there are millions of citizens who try to avoid talking about their lifestyle. Avoiding problems won`t fix anything, in fact, people don`t even know why they are unhappy, why they have to work and why they can`t change their lifestyle. It is stated that 75% of the American working class lives from paycheck to paycheck and that the US spends 1 trillion dollars a year on fighting poverty. 


In a similar perspective, there are some reasons why people go to work every day: they have to in order to provide for their families, people go to work because they want to progress, they don`t want to go backwards or they go to work because they enjoy it and feel fulfilled.

How many people do you know, including yourself that can relate to the last sentence?

The old middle-class thinking that invites you to stay small, have a good job, be grateful, don`t take any risks, is a contributor for so many good working people, with potential, to adopt the average lifestyle. "I`m just gonna work to pay the bills and everything is gonna be fine!" No, it`s not fine, people don`t realize that bad things are happening in their lives, struggling to pay the rent, living scared that the car`s insurance won`t be paid or depriving themselves of quality foods. 50 million Americans are under poverty line. This is where this mindset eventually could take you, folks.


Acknowledging your problems and facing them is the first step to discover a possible solution. This sounds like it`s easier said than done, but it is so powerful when someone admits that something is wrong and that`s when ideas start to flow, new possibilities are revealed, doors are opened.

undefinedI used to have a small thinking, I have adopted the "save only to save" idea, the average lifestyle, the "don`t stand out" preach, the "I`m better off than most of the people" concept, and it didn`t work, I felt unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. 

If you are sick and tired of being a slave to someone else`s dreams, man up, take some courage and write your own story.

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