Failure is better than regret

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Better live with failure than with regrets

Throughout our lives, we face choices that will determine the thread of our existence.

As a child

During our childhood, we are shaped by our education, whether by our parents or at school, our surroundings, society. We are told what to do, say, think. What is good and what is not.

As a teenager

During this period, we discover the first feelings of love, without knowing what it really means. We try to know who we are, where is our place in society. Not easy.

As an adult

Right after this period of recklessness, we are faced with life choices. This is a very delicate period where we will try to find the right balance between our social life, which includes our friends and our family, and our sentimental life. Ideally, we should be able to find the right balance but it's not always that easy.

This period is delicate because we do not necessarily have the hindsight or the maturity to make the right choices, take the right decisions. How to be sure of having found the right partner in these conditions?


Earn enough money, buy an apartment or a house, start a family, be socially integrated. All this without having a clear vision of the meaning of life. Objectives allow us to go forward. At the same time, it's important to enjoy the present moment (carpe diem).

Couple life

Couple life is a marathon with many obstacles. Not easy to overcome them using the right method. It happens that we fail to achieve it.

If the couple succeeds, the following delicate step concerns the time when children leave home to live their lives. At this stage, you begin to think about your future life. 


It's another critical moment, after all these years in the professional world. New projects, new hobbies, as long as your health allows you to take some good time.

Society rules

For most of us, we are then told to study, find a job, take care of a family, and for the luckiest, take some good time being healthy.

However, this lifestyle becomes more and more difficult because jobs are becoming scarce and purchasing power decreases.

Take action

What can be done in front of this conclusion?
With some background, and this is the goal of this article, I can tell you this:

Take some risks! Follow your instinct. A failure is better than regrets.

Be ambitious! We learn and experiment during our first 20 years and we have to build on this but we also must keep in mind to be ambitious, that we all deserve a fulfilling life.

Do not rush. take the time to make the right choices.

To aim at security is to expose oneself to having regrets afterward for not having dared.

Take risks, get out of your comfort zone. If that does not work, you will always have learned something that will serve you later, be it in your private life or in your professional career.

Altitude change

Bertrand Piccard, swiss adventurer, has written a book about altitude change, using the metaphor in relation to his balloon world tour.

During his trip, he had to change altitude to take profit of other winds that allowed him to find the right velocity and achieve successfully his objective and realize his dream.

Altitude change is about to make choices, sometimes complicate and problematic, leading you to an uncomfortable position, in a zone of doubts, having left your security area. But it allows you to find a new wave and take a new step in the right direction.

No right to have regrets

I'm sure of one thing. We must try and try again. We only have one life. We have no right to come to the end of our life with regrets.

Wish you a dream life in real.

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