Fifth of UK workers have a side-line income

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 Fifth of UK workers considering a 'side hustle' to earn an extra income or pursue a passion"

We have to look beyond the conventional, what we all were probably taught by our parents and schooling. Get your grades, and get a J.O.B - which is fine, as it is the norm, and doesn't require any further effort. But what happens when the threat of redundancy or that unexpected bill drops through your door?

So what do most people do? Ask for over-time? Get a 2nd job to which would have to fit around your current commitments?

That's why Online Business and Affiliate Marketing is becoming more and more appealing to some.

You can do it from home, with a laptop and an internet connection. You invest in some online training, and you get started with a domain page. 

Nothing is easy, and it takes Time, Money & Effort to make any business a success. But for those that do, it not only gives you a secondary income but a sense of achievement! Which money cannot buy!

Why not learn more at and see for yourself with our video series explaining What is Affiliate Marketing, who can do it, and how to get started with the right training from day one.

paul boorman

Paul Boorman

Elite+ Affiliate Marketer, SFM

Paul is an Affiliate Marketer for SFM and set-up, prior to this has worked for 11+ years in the Private sector as a Graphic designer, and then as a self-employed Personal Trainer in a Franchise company, whilst dabbling in Network Marketing he has finally found his passion which is helping others develop in online marketing.

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