How Do You Manage Negativity In Your New Business?

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Have you devoted a great deal of time to nurture your new business idea and developed an unshakeable belief in your business?

Because, as entrepreneurs, we will experience negativity, particularly if we are looking to create real change in our lives and in ways that are less known in society.

It can be challenging, especially when we first start; we will have to deal with the opinions, judgements and input of others.

All great innovators and entrepreneurs have encountered strong scepticism when beginning to pursue their dreams.

It can be a real success blocker If we don't know how to manage negativity.

Most people prefer to stay in their comfort zone than venture into unknown territory — many of them for fear of receiving negative feedback.

Once we learn how to deal with it and manage it, we will be able to take our lives to a whole new level.

The challenges and the perspective we receive from it can empower us to become a better entrepreneur and business owner.

Who Are Disrupting the Traditional Way of Thinking?

The world is disrupting the traditional way of doing things, and many people are resenting this change. 

Angry people express their hostility through Social Media, and we can expect more of this kind of discord.

The recent information revolution and technologies such as computing, the internet, mobile telephony, and information technology have been replacing jobs. 

Here are some industries already affected:

  • Uber, Lyft in preference to traditional taxi 
  • Hotel and motel industry by Airbnb and HomeAway
  • High-Tech mail sorting machines will eliminate Postal workers
  • Retail cashiers by self-checkout lines
  • Traditional television distribution by digital outlets like Netflix
  • Educational sites such as Khan Academy and Udemy, as well as Massively Open Online Courses offered by leading universities for free, will significantly reduce the need for teachers and college professors over time.
  • LinkedIn instead of Job recruiters
  • Craigslists rather than Print classified ads
  • And the list goes on.


Richard Branson, a hugely well-respected billionaire entrepreneur, predicts the rise of technology will soon force society to rethink the modern workweek.

“Business should be a force for good, and if every business could play its part in trying to transform the world, most global problems could be solved,” Branson says

As corporate infrastructure is changing, Millennials are now embracing the passion and purpose-driven careers.

People don't want to commute, don't want to spend their lives in a cubicle in an office, businesses are having to change, and as a result, people are becoming more entrepreneurial.

As technology progresses and innovations will drive industries forward, more and more people will fear to lose their jobs, and they will resist change.

How To Manage Negativity?

One of the best ways to handle negativity is by being more compassionate.

We can become better entrepreneurs by understanding where people are coming from.

Most of us come from a traditional background. We went to school, started work, worked long hours to provide for our family, and after a few years, we realised that life could be better.

This situation can make anyone disheartened because it can trigger us to realise where we are.

Just a few years ago, who could imagine that anyone could run and grow a laptop lifestyle business, with an opportunity to create a six-figure income, travel the world, enjoy life and having a lot of fun doing it.

Businesses are using technology to connect people, giving the average person the ability to become an entrepreneur, a game-changer, and a creator. 

The world is changing so fast that people don't realise the vast opportunities that are out there.

As an entrepreneur, it is a good idea to understand that the world is changing and we better evolve with it.

How Do You Feel About Negativity?

On an emotional level, negativity is entirely a different thing.

Naturally, it affects us, but we must manage it. Self-awareness is powerful.

It is natural to be concerned, worried or doubtful before we get results in business.

We wonder if we are going to stick to our business, or if we are going to follow through.

One way to stop affecting us is when our intent in our business is to add value to society.

When we first get involved in the business, our main reason is to make money and to prove to everyone that we can succeed.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and make it all about us; as a consequence, business is not that all enjoyable.

As we get more and more involved in it and doing what we love, then we start to embrace the idea of creating content to provide value to society.

When we start waking up every morning and thinking about how we can help transform the lives of others, and help them achieve their dream, the emotional level of the negativity starts to disappear.

Feeling great about what we are doing, not because of our interests or the money we are making, but because we are sharing valuable knowledge and information.

When we feel great of the value we are providing, the amount of positivity outweighs any negativity.

Switching our thinking can help us become more successful. Our mission and vision will pull us through.

When we feel better about ourselves, we look after our bodies, our well-being, our self-confidence increase, and the way we think of ourselves raise.


Select The Right Environment

Now that you have done your research, you selected your niche, and you are happy with the product and leadership, you are set to achieve success, and if you believe it, you will succeed. 

However, some people will share their negative views, those comments might come from people you respect or family and friends. 

But if you start listening to their negative talk or you start looking for a review website and focus on the negative views and opinions, you will find what you are expecting precisely. 

Once you pick your niche, make sure you learn, work and find the people who are going to influence you in positive ways.

Commit, follow-through. Other people's views and opinions don't matter once you find your purpose.

Focus on being a real entrepreneur, give value to society, raise your self-esteem, and you will eventually attract the right people for you.

Find your voice, get confident in the value you are providing to others.

Remember to have compassion when negative arises.

Don't expect everyone to think and see the world the way you do.

It doesn't mean it is right or wrong. It is our way.

By being a compassionate entrepreneur and giving valid reasons behind the product or the company we are endorsing, we are going to find it will become a lot more effortless when dealing with customer acquisition.

Remember, it is a fun journey when you get behind something that you genuinely enjoy.

We are all going to have good and bad days, embrace them. But if you find that are drained, struggling or procrastinating in a particular area, surround yourself with a team that shares a collective vision.

Whenever I have doubts, I focus on others who have achieved tremendous success. They all have gone through a lot of hurdles but have overcome them and are living the life they always dreamed. 

Last Thoughts

Go out and find inspiration, positivity and people who are going to help you overcome the hurdles.

Believe in your mission. Go out and add value. Be someone who is leading, empowering, positive and make a stand in whatever it is you want to create for yourself.

I use my morning routines to listen to podcasts, read books, watch videos and follow individuals that insist in adding value to the world every single day which in turns educates me and empowers me, even more, to go out there and do good in society.

Have an absolute belief, and the results will have to follow.

In our willingness to give value to people, they will eventually have the same views as ours.

If you are in business or considering starting one, what thoughts are going through your mind? Please share your viewpoints. 

To Your Success,


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