How Social Media Can Make You Money

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Today, businesses and entrepreneurs are making thousands and even millions from social media.

The better news is that it's just the beginning and it's getting bigger every year with more and more creative ways of talking to your audience.

So how can you take advantage of this growth and become a part of this global sensation.

Here's a guide to the best social platforms available, how to use them to your advantage and get the world listening to your message.

The top 5 social Platforms



  • Still the main player with nearly 2 billion monthly visitors.
  • Reach people via posts, ads, videos, Facebook Live video, open a business page and start groups.


  • 1 billion monthly visitors
  • Create videos to inspire and video ads for your business


  • 700 million monthly visitors.
  • Create photos and videos and link them to your Facebook page.


  • 300 million monthly visitors
  • Post photos, videos or just update visitors on what you're up to.


  • 250 million monthly visitors
  • Create content to engage users by discussing topics and gain interest.

So, how do you get people to start listening to you and how do you start using these social platforms to build your business?

Set yourself an Objective

  • What do you want from the promotion?

So you've chosen to start a promotion on Facebook. Now you need to decide what you want to accomplish from it. Do you want to build the number of likes on your page, do you want to build visits to your website or do you want to get people talking and engaging with you? Choose one and set yourself a realistic target.

  • How will you go about achieving it?

Now you know your objective, how are you going to get your message across? You could do a simple post, maybe a silly competition, use a photo with a message or make a video.

Find Your Audience


  • WHO is your audience?

Who are you trying to speak to? What age group, men or women or both, where do they live, what are their interests. Once you know exactly WHO your audience is, it'll be much easier for you to make a connection and target a specific group of people.

On Facebook you can boost your posts and videos by targeting a particular audience. You can choose what type of person will see your promotion. This way you're not just sending it anywhere. By targeting your ideal audience you're giving yourself a better chance of making an immediate impact.

Create an emotional response

  • An emotional response is key

So, you've decided on your objective and your audience. Now you need to get their attention.

In general, when people are using social media they aren't looking to be sold to. They are there to connect with friends and they are there to be entertained.

Before you start your promotion, take a look at what's happening on Facebook. What are people responding to? What is generating the most likes, shares and reactions? What's getting conversations started?

You'll find it's the videos, quotes, photos and stories that are funny, sad or shocking.

It forces the viewer to react. They have an emotional response. They care about what they're looking at.

  • Getting an emotional response

In order to get a response, you need to have a powerful message. 

Be passionate about your promotion and your audience will respond in a passionate way.

You know your audience. Think like them. What will really grab their attention? What do you think their response will be? What would your reponse be if you were them? 

The following are excellent ways to engage your audience:

  1. Tell your story (be genuine), you can tell them a story that inspired you.
  2. Provide really valuable information or help.
  3. Challenge your audience. In the form of a competition or to get involved.
  4. Be entertaining. Humour is a great way of grabbing attention, but you need to make sure it's relevant to the audience and the message you're trying to convey.

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