How the leaders take turns and get empowered

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Birds use the areodynamics and change position with the leader. Are you a leader and like to take advantage of what other leaders do and have accomplished as business owners online?


The V-formation from Africa

This morning as a took a walk to the school with my daugther I saw migratory birds flighing north. Finally we can see signs of spring. The birds from south of Europe and Africa come to Sweden to breed.

As we were watching them flighing in a line we saw the leading bird giving up his leading position and stepping down and starting to form a v-formation. The flight from Africa to Sweden is very long and requires a shift in leadership. 

The V-formation makes it possible for the birds to take advantage of the aerodynamics and use the energy in each flap with the wings. To be in the leading position you don´t have the advantage the others have. But seems it is a strengnious position they change position.

Are you not getting advantages from those behind you?

Are you in the leading position not taking advantage of others behind you? Would you like to be part of a community as you start your business online and take part in training and coaching events? Many online. You know, it´s not only to get your business going. It´s about empowering you as a person, so you can grow and develope. When you take advantage of what other leaders do and have accomplished it gives you a boost as well.

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