How To Make The Best Of Affiliate Selling / Marketing.

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Affiliate selling is thought to be one of the best and easiest ways, to not only make money Online, but also to Monetize your Website or Blogpost. There is some truth in this, however, it's not that easy and often only Highly lucrative for top Bloggers and Content Writers.


Probably the best and easiest ways for Newbies to get started is by using Amazon.   Amazon Affiliates programme allows the user to generate links for individual Products that can then be transferred to Websites or Blog Pages. For example; here's a link to Amazon for books on Blogging.undefined

Below is my Unique Link for this subject and if you Click it, (And I Highly Recommend You Do!). Amazon will know that it was me that sent you. If you then go ahead and buy something, (Entirely Up To You), I will receive a Commission payment for your purchase.

Don't worry by clicking the Link below doesn't mean you have bought something its just for Demo purposes.


Unless you have thousands of followers on Twitter, to whom you can market directly, Affiliate Marketing must be seen as a slow process as it takes time, as in all forms of Web Marketing, to build Trust and Authority this is a crucial aspect of both Online and Offline strategies alike.



Another way and certainly a lot more lucrative is to Market Information Products and Services of which there are as many as they are diverse on the Web today. Here for example is one of my Affiliate Links offering not only Marketing Training, Ongoing support and Webinar Training, but are also currently offering a FREE 7 Day Video course to new clients. All this is great for Affiliate Marketers because it allows you to offer real Value to your very own clients and in case you don't know, for Affiliates, Value = Sales. 

Click On The Example Link Below


So how does it work?

Ok I have joined this Affiliate Programme the SFM or Six Figure Mentors, so when new members click the Link I have provided (This Link Is Unique To Me, You Will Have Your Own..), and takes up the FREE Trail offer and then subsequently joins the ELITE programme, I will be paid. In this instance $200 U.S. This is because of my chosen level within the Affiliate Programme.

Should you chose to join at a higher level than I have, and I highly recommend that you do, This $200 commission will become $1,000 U.S.

You then Promote your own Links and Banners, either on your Website or by Blogging as I am doing here. Show your Links on your pages and when a new Customer Clicks on and joins, YOU will get paid the same as I was when you clicked on and Joined. SIMPLE.


What's the catch, well you have to work at it. This is not a FREE ride nor is it Instant Riches Let me assure you, having been in Marketing for many years, there is no such thing and any site that claims otherwise is to be avoided at all costs. Not only will you waste a great deal of time, but, and again I assure you, you will be a lot poorer for the experience.


As we have seen in the beginning it takes Time and Effort to build not only Trust but also Authority before you can begin to make money as an Affiliate. Show new Clients that your Product or Service can help 'YOU' (them). Point out or offer something 'FREE', explain to them the 'BECAUSE' (solution) and offer that Solution as not only 'NEW' but that it can be available 'INSTANTLY'


Conclusion: Affiliate Programmes Like Amazon who offer Products can supply a steady if  small second income. Affiliate Programmes that offer Information and Services are a lot more lucrative and can, in many instances, given time and effort, replace and vastly increase household income. Some Marketers in this field make in excess of $400,000 Per Month, however, this is rare.  

Both require work and time to Mature.

Thanks for reading.

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