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“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand Him”

The key to unlocking the door to step three is WILLINGNESS. Up and till now, you have accepted you have a problem. You are no longer in denial and have come to terms with the fact, you do suffer from alcoholism and you are about to witness a miracle.

By attending your meetings and having completed step 2, you are effectively knocking on God’s door and saying to him, “Let me in, I need your help. I have tried everything of my own means but have been unsuccessful. Only you can remove this manifestation with alcohol from me.”

This is the final stage of your WILLINGNESS, which will open the door to his incredible power, however, be forewarned, it is easy for us to go back into our old behaviour and try self-will things on our own – when you do this, the door closes once again, but as soon as you become WILLING to have faith in his abilities, the door opens naturally.

Us, alcoholics may battle with this because we feel we are having to become dependent on someone else again, and a good example may be illustrated as follows.

Think of electricity usage in our homes. We take for granted that when we flick the switch we have light. When we turn on the hot water tap, we have hot water. We are dependent on electricity, BUT, it is through this dependency that we are actually afforded more peace of mind and therefore further independence.

Think of the Polio sufferer who relies on electricity to run his apparatus in order to breathe? The same applies here, we need to become dependent on God and to build our faith in His will for us, not the other way round.

When you are experiencing a challenging moment, you may be alone in your car, speak to Him, ask him for strength and just let your worries about it go. He will provide solutions that are best for you, you just may not realise it.

Remember trying every means possible to give up drinking? You used your intelligence and all your mighty willpower in order to give up, just where did it get you? You did not succeed, did you? Why, because we were acting God – this point is CRITICAL to understand, as your entire recovery is based upon this. We need to simplify our lives and hand our troubles over to the care of God, pray to Him whenever you need to, only a short prayer will do. Just keep talking to Him.

The human beings’ need for self-sufficiency is half his problem. Everywhere we see those in society, filled with anger and fear, society breaking up into warring fragments. Each fragment self-righteously saying to the other, “I am right and you are wrong”.

This is your Ego speaking and it is important to begin to realise, it is the Ego that contains the bad habits of our past; it is the resting place of that which we have relied on in the past, and as we know, that did not get us very far.

This step should be showing you something. You can now see what values and traits we are trying to change – self-righteousness, self-propulsion, acting as God, judgemental attitudes, forcing our will onto others and the Universe, can you see this step is starting to make you realise that there is so much more to work on than merely putting the bottle down.

My friends, embrace this step, it will change your life, what do you have to lose that you haven’t already lost – you will be amazed before you are half-way through.

God bless you and may he provide you with the strength and character to work through your defects of character over time, you are beginning a process of personal change and discovery, you will become proud of the person you are sure to become, remember………. one day at a time.

NB: This is an ACTION step, you need to be talking to God, every opportunity you get, ask once and wait to receive, believe and miracles will happen, yet please do not set ridiculous EXPECTATIONS for yourself, more on how to handle this in the coming steps. JUST DO IT – just for today!

One day you will be sitting down doing something and you will suddenly realise, the urge for alcohol has left you. This is the opening to your recovery.








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