In Memory of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

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Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds R.I.P

This week two people that were loved by many across the globe left their physical bodies. This transition has left many grieving and feeling bereft. It has brought up the subject of death for many, and for anyone who may have had someone else close to them die, it may have renewed those feelings of grief and loss as well, especially at this time of year. So I want to talk about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, and I want to talk about death. In the hopes that I can perhaps sooth the pain that many may be feeling in the light of what is considered by most in society to be a tragic loss. 

Debbie And Carrie set an intention before they were born.

Their intention was to come in as Mother and Daughter. They chose to spend many wonderful joyous years Co-creating with each other, and through their desires they built a wonderful lives. They chose to share those wonderful lives with the world. They both chose the path of acting as theirs career focus, and they love what they did. They lead by example, and stayed connected to Source and their Inner Beings enough in life that (even without having to be reminded of who they were before they came), they were able to lead wonderful glorious lives, showing through acting that it is possible to create any reality you desire.

It's never too soon

Some people may view Carrie Fisher's age of 60 years at death as a little to soon. I want to express that Carrie (as we all do) had intention before she came in, to create certain things. While she was here Carrie created wonderful things. She focused on many things and in this focus here (whether it was on a negative or positive subject), Carrie expanded the massive vibrational reality that she was and is working on creating. Debbie Reynolds had similar intention and together with Carrie in pyhsical life they created many glorious dreams. Some of which physically manifested while they were here. Some things they created into vibrational reality which they have now chosen to experience fully by leaving their physical bodies and re-emerging into non physical.

It is important to know both Carrie and Debbie are happy.

Carrie left her physical body first because she had done everything she wished to do here in a physical body, and the same is true for Debbie. Debbie Reynolds was always focused on her daughter Carrie, they were mother/daughter soulmates. At the age of 84, Debbie Reynolds was very happy with what she had created in physical life. Her last desire before leaving her physical body was to see Carrie, her Daughter, achieve everything she had aimed for in physical life. Debbie's Inner Being knew this desire and held true to it.

Carrie's Inner Being had the same knowledge.

So when Carrie's Inner Being knew that Carrie had achieved all she wanted, Carrie's Inner Being withdrew her from her physical body. When that happened, Debbie's Inner Being knew that her last physical desire was complete and so Debbie's Inner Being helped her withdraw from her physical body. In their moments of death both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds both re-emerged into pure positive love energy.  They experienced the joy of the full vibrational realisation of everything they put into and expanded in their vibrational reality's. Many of the exhilarating joyous things they are now feeling the vibrational reality of, have not yet become a physical reality.

These are things to be created by future generations

Now Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will both focus joyfully on this leading edge physical time space reality of creation. They will help those of us who are still physical, and even those to come, to achieve the physical manifestations of those things that are already vibrationally created. Carrie and Debbie are as focussed on those things they were interested in while physical, as much now as they ever were. They will focus their pure love and joyous intent, on those they loved and were interested in while physical. They will help these people and many others in the physical manifestations of their desires. That is the way it works for everyone.

Death is absolutely not the end!

I have been studying the universe and the Law Of Attraction now for 3 years. Learning what I have learnt direct from Source Energy in the form of Abraham Hicks, and through practicing what I have learnt in my own life. One of the most profound things I have learnt is that when we leave our physical bodies, we are not gone. We don't die. We don't even remove our attention from this time space reality. Most people who believe in some sort of afterlife still regard death as a loss. They tend to think that the deceased person has removed to another plane, such as Heaven, etc.

This is not the case.

I want to assure everyone that the way I have stated it in relation to Carrie and Debbie is the same way it works for every single one of us, no matter what our circumstances. Your loved ones who have passed are right there with you now, helping you to achieve your dreams. You can and do have constant contact with them and the other non physical beings you have loving you and guiding you in your life. Sometimes many of you even notice that contact, though it often gets written off as coincidence. There is no coincidence. Your non physical family and friends are focussed on you in every minute of every day. The best way for you to allow yourself to feel them and experience them is to relax, lighten up and feel good. If you are focussing on bad thoughts, or worrying, etc, you are diconnecting yourself from the love and joy that you are being offered by non physical in every minute of every day.

I know this is a lot of information

It will challenge the beliefs of many, especially those who have never heard the words of Abraham Hicks. Please feel free to ask any questions, or leave any comments. Please subscribe if you are interested in hearing more from me about spiritual subjects and Law Of Attraction. Like your Inner Being and other non physical champions, I will be here. I will do my best to answer any questions and I will continue posting blogs that will hopefully help you gain more and more insight into the spiritual side of this world.

One last Important thing

Please remember that Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher are now gloriously happy and fulfilled and feeling love. As are all those who have ever left their physical body.



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