Need To Build a Meaningful Fanbase On Social Media?

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Growing up I always heard the saying; "what you don't know is older than you" it took me sometimes for me to get it but now I'm starting to fully understand it. 

I don't care how simple a task maybe, it will continue to seem difficult until you learn how to perform it before knowing or believing it's actually simple.

All-along, I thought that in order for you to get followers on social media most especially instagram, you have to already know lot of people or you should already be popular as a star, be it artist, musician, business owner, or entrepreneur.  Well, my newly found community just change that mindset. They have proven to me that you don't have to be anywhere in the publice eyes before building connection with people around the social media world. 

It took me just few hours of workshop and with me making use of the few simple steps giving me to take. I reached my limit for adding friends on facebook within less than a month. Hahaha, it was just a trial...(putting to work what I learned) My followers has grown from 350 to 744 on instagram after putting those steps learned to a trial in less than a month. 

Wondering why do I care about building my fanbase?  With this community I have become a digital blogger and of course I need real people to read what I write on a daily basis. Also they have mentor me in becoming an affiliate marketor who is now learning skills that will empower me as a successful online business entrepreneur. Don't you think I will need people to share my accomplishments with or even just telling my stories of progress with? (You must be jk)...lolundefined

With all this on my list for that lifestyle of freedom that I'm striving for, I better know how to connect with the right people and know who is right for my brand or not. Social media being our new means of building the connection, networking, and building the right relationships, you will need the right skills what start with few simple steps.

Don't take this one from me, I'm a student myself. Here is the path I'm taking. Learn from the expects. This link gives you 5-tips that will get you started.

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