New Year, New habits in design mode

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New start is a start of a new habit. Let´s get some new habits as we start off the New Year. I will tell you mine. Will you tell me yours?

Wish this New Year will be a Happy and Prosperous year for you. May you get all you wish and need.

Monday and a new year

It´s Monday and a new year. I hope you have started your New Year in a good, healthy and prosperous way. I guess we can all be carried away and giving promises about a change, new start etc around this time of the year. But how could we look forward to the new year- to get a fresh start with old habits. It´s like insanity, doing the same thing over and over again wishing for a different result.

New Habits - New Start

Anytime really is a good time to start a new habit. But I like New Year, it gives an extra kick to start off something. But that is just it. To get things in to a habit you have to keep going. I think 90 days is a really good time. Of course it depends on the habit and the person how long it will take. The time should be long enough to get over the first enthusiasm, in to the dip and wonders if it´s worth going on and out and establishing an habit. Our constant design, changing habits, getting rid of old once makes us better and improved

My new start of a new habit

I started off this Monday with a new habit to meditate for 90 days. It feels really weird as a newbee. Makeing a statement here is part of holding me on track and making it real and accountable. I will let you know if I fall off and don´t follow through or if I make it into a new habit.

Do you have a a new start? Something you like to turn into a habit. Does not need to be for 90 days. Let me know and I will cheer you on.

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