Online businesses for less cost and with other skills

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Embrace the digital world with digital skills. New businesses are satisfying costumer needs with employees feeling comfortable in the digital world. Get yourself digital skills.

A choice to be online

Yesterday I stumbled upon an article about funeral homes. A business started up with 50% cut off in the prize due to the fact that they are online and can get around not having a business office usually in the center of town. Now, this branch of industry in itself is not the most transperent, so a little bit of competition from a new angle, might not hurt.

An advantage in a new angel

Usually you can imagine business owners saying, "Well we have to be online". But not really thinking about why except everybody else is. But to think things through might make you come up with an advantage in a new angle. 

The CEO in the article explained that it´s an advantage to be able to have the business online, not only because of the less cost but also because the customers are in mourning and can take time to plan the funeral in their home.

I can think of another one, myself. Those who are planing for the funeral might be at a distance from each other. This is more and more common since the family you grow up in might be seperated all over the world these days. Planing everything online will be easier for them. 

Digital skills as well as new thoughts will conquer

If you are a costumer and have an accustomed knowledge in the digital world, you will be ready to embrace the new digital skills that are and even more so will be required.

If you are a business owner or a business employee and have the digital skills, I am sure you will feel the advantage to embrace new thoughts and satisfy new behaviour patterns for the costumer.

Take the time and learn the digital world. Get yourself digital skills that will make you more secure as a customer or in the workplace. 

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Until we connect the next time, take care 


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