Robots in the office- the digital era

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Robots in the office space, are making it more real then ever to work from a distance. Every week you can find news of changes in the work space due to adjustments to the digital era. Are you ready for a change in your work space?

Robots in the office space

Yesterday I listen to a news flash about robots in the office space. A company in Sweden has invested in robots as a complement to the distance workers they have. The robots are built on wheels and a long stick and at the top you can attach an ipad. So the robots are moving around in the office landscape and going to meetings. The physical person is on the screen of the Ipad, working at the distance. Maybe in another town or country. Maybe from home.

It´s so real- online or in real life

One of the persons using this said he can´t remember if he had a specific talk online or in real life. He meant, it felt so real since the robots are moving around and it´s not just a flat screen. The coworkers has gotten use to the robots and are more looking towards the person on the screen.

One of the benefits for the company

One of the benefits for the company is that they feel they can expand their area of recruitment. Maybe in another town or country. As long as it´s the same timezone this solution will work. With the robots it´s easier to work at a distance AND be part of the team.  

Are you ready for the changes coming at the office?

The digital changes are here and workplaces are changing how they work and the tasks. Do you have the skills to meet this change. Give me a comment and I´ll send you more info.

I wish you a nice day and until we connect again - take care


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